Wednesday, May 27, 2009

We're Engaged!!!

It's official! On Monday morning, Logan surprised me (seriously!) with the most beautiful ring I've ever seen! Since we've all known this was coming soon, he wasn't sure how he was going to actually catch me off guard and surprise me. His idea was that since I'd worked the day before, he'd come wake me up early the next morning, which under normal circumstances would annoy me, and then he'd propose. Well, for the first time in my life I woke up in a good mood! (I know - who would have thought it was possible, right?) At about 7:15 he came in, woke me up and started talking to me. I was in a surprisingly pleasant mood, so he went into the other room and waited about 30 minutes for me to doze back off so he could try again. Once again, he started up a conversation, and I chatted right back. Unsure why I wasn't my usual gloom-and-doom morning self, he left again for about 30 more minutes, and I went back to sleep. Finally, about 8:15 he actually got in the bed with me and didn't say anything. I woke up and turned over to look at him and he had this big goofy grin on his face. He then pulled the ring out from under the covers, to which I immediately woke right up and asked "What are you doing with that???" He said really sweet things, told me he loved me, and asked me to marry him! I have to admit, he really did surprise me. I NEVER thought I'd be proposed to when I had morning breath! (Hey, the guy really must love me.)

Knowing how much I love flowers, he had some waiting in the dining room. The whole condo smells SO good right now.

Next, he said he wanted just the two of us to go to brunch. Thinking it really was just the two of us, I took my sweet time getting ready. He caught me several times getting distracted by the GORGEOUS rock on my finger and had to re-direct me back into the getting ready mode. We went to our favorite mexican restaurant, Cyclone Anaya's, and when I walked in, I saw all of our family there waiting to celebrate with us! My parents, Ross and Jessica, Mr. and Mrs. Lowry and Leah, and Mamaw and Papaw were all able to come. (Lacie and Lyndsie were out of town.) We had the best time, and great food! Our favorite waitor Raphael did a fantastic job too - as always. And of course, I loved showing off the new bling. :)
When Logan took my parents to dinner to ask their blessing, my dad had the idea of taking a picture of Logan "begging" him to let him marry his daughter. My parents framed it and gave it to us at the engagement lunch. As you can clearly see, my dad was loving this. :)
After lunch we went over to our friends Chris and Leslie Thomas's house to visit with them and see baby Taite - who is precious. Next, we went to a Memorial Day pool party at Jason and Laura Seymore's house. All the girls and I talked wedding stuff (love it!) while the boys played basketball in the pool. It ended up turning into a "who can make a basket from over the roof" game, but boys will be boys. After the pool party, Logan and I went out to dinner to celebrate with Mike and Leanne, two of our most favorite people in the world. We re-introduced them to BJ's since they'd only been there once, and I think they're fans now too.

So since I've been doing all this not-so-secret pre-planning for the past 8 months, I'm excited to finally get to go and SEE all these fantastic places I've been reading about. Tuesday I went with Leah and Marissa to check out Marc Events and The Old Red Courthouse, both of which are front runners. Friday I'm going to see the Magnolia Hotel, Belo Mansion, The Empire Room, and The Stoneleigh Hotel. After just going to the first two places on Tuesday I realize just how fortunate we are to have our friend Marissa's expertise with all the planning. She's been doing interior design and event planning for a while now, but has recently started her own company. (Check out She's everything we'd ever want in a wedding coordinator: she's a sweet and honest person, and when I saw her in action on Tuesday I realized that she's not gonna mess around! (Plus, she has great taste.)

It's been an exciting few days, that's for sure! I feel so incredibly blessed to have found Logan. Until I met him, I didn't think it was possible to find everything I'd ever been looking for in one person. I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with him. And with Len, Lynn, Logan, Lacie, Lyndsie and Leah, I think Lucy and I will fit right in with the Lowry family. :)

And now for the girls, a few more pictures of this ring! :)

Monday, May 11, 2009

Gotta Love that Lucy...

Okay, so I think these pictures are hilarious. On the way to my parent's house the other day, I opened the sunroof for the rest of the drive after I exited the highway - like I always do. And like she always does, Lucy poked her head out of the sunroof to give the air a good sniff. This time though, I decided to stick my camera out of the sunroof and take a couple of pictures of her. Safe to do while driving? Probably not. Totally worth it once I saw how ridiculous Lucy looks? Absolutely! How can you not just love my dog??

Happy Birthday Logan, Lacie and Lyndsie!

Yep, it's that time of year again! Logan and I celebrated his birthday at Trulucks for dinner and had a fantastic meal. As usual, Logan got the King Crab and a couple of dirty martinis with blue cheese stuffed olives (which are pretty good!). I got the best tasting steak I've ever had, plus mashed potatoes and asparagus.

Here's Logan "enjoying" the blue cheese olives. And me loving my wine. A few days later we went to Logan's parents house to celebrate ALL of the April birthdays. Logan and his sister Lacie were both born on the 28th, (While yes, they look like they could be twins, they were actually born 4 years apart.) and Lyndsie was born on the 23rd. Here's a shot of the birthday Lowrys.
And then we had Leah jump in to get a picture of all the Lowry kids.

I love when we get to hang out with his whole family. I always have such a great time - and Logan's mom is a phenomenal cook! This time we grilled steak and some really good turkey sausage stuffed with cheese. It was yummy.

Happy Birthday Logan, Lacie and Lyndsie!

Its Spring Time, My Favorite Time!

Ahhh, it's finally here!! I LOVE spring. It's not to hot, not too cold, and the best part is there are flowers everywhere. I love stopping at the little flower selling tents that are by my house. A couple of weeks ago I decided to spruce up the front and back porch and buy some pretty flowers. I don't have the greenest of thumbs... in fact, I usually kill plants. I keep trying though, and someday I'll get a plant to live. Anyway, I bought these gorgeous flowers for the front porch, and apparently they need a pretty good amount of sunlight to thrive. No problem. The front porch gets plenty of afternoon light, right? Oh wait, it's been cloudy and raining every single day for the last two and a half weeks! Needless to say, my front porch flowers are dead. At least this time its not my fault. Anyway, here they are in all their glory the day I brought them home. Its too depressing to take an "after" picture of them now, but just picture a limp, wilted, non-floral version of this.
On the other hand, the hanging basket on my back porch is thriving! This type of plant needs to be in the shade, so the bad weather has actually probably helped this guy. The picture is also from the day I brought it home, and now there are even more pink blooms all over it.
Once the rain decides to leave, I'm planning on going back to the flower stand and picking out some new flowers for the front. Meanwhile I'm hoping that all my TLC will bring what I've got back to life. Wish me luck!

Leanne's Bachelorette Party

Last weekend we had Leanne's bachelorette party! We met up at her Maid of Honor's house for a Lingere shower and drinks first, then headed to Joe T's for dinner and margaritas. Leanne wasn't so sure about wearing the boa and bachelorette sash, but I think she worked it alright!

Leanne decided to model all of her lingere for us - on top of her clothes. :) Because I'm a good friend, you don't get to see those pictures. But here are a few that I loved her face in.
Haha, I love this one. She looks so scared! Leanne and me at Joe T's.
And... a little later...

My camera battery died, so that was the last picture I got. At the end of the night when we went back to her house, she couldn't find her keys so we were locked out. We had to call Mike and have him leave his boy's night to come let us in. While we waited, we decided to run up to the convenience store to see what they had to drink. We picked up our supplies, and came back to their front porch and drank Mimosas while we waited for Mike.
I had a great time going out with Leanne's girls, and I know Mike is going to love all the lingere she got!