Monday, December 12, 2011

Knox’s First Month

Wow – I can’t believe how quickly time flies!  I’m so far behind on updating my blog, but having a newborn doesn’t leave much time for anything other than nursing and diaper changes.  :)  When I look at these pictures, I can’t believe how tiny Knox was when we brought him home!  He’s changed and grown so much already.  Logan and I were just talking today about how even though Knox is still really young, it feels like he’s been around forever, and we can’t imagine life without him.  Parenthood is seriously the best thing I’ve ever done.  It’s impossible to put into words the love I have for Knox.  No, we’re not sleeping much – someone has their days and nights mixed up, a touch of colic and some reflux – but it’s totally and completely worth it.  This saying is so true:  “The days are long, but the years fly by.” 

And now for the best part:  the pictures!  If you have kids, you’ll understand the total picture overload here, so I won’t even apologize.  If not, you’ll understand someday.  :)

When we brought Knox home from the hospital, Logan’s family was there, waiting patiently to get their hands on him!  This is one very loved little boy.
7.  Stretching
Meeting Aunt Lacie.6.  Knox with Aunt Lacie
With Aunt Leah. 8.  With Aunt Leah
With Aunt Jess.12.  Lorin, Aunt Jess and Knox
I love that Ross is sound asleep on the couch!11.  Aunt Jessica Holding Knox
Proud Daddy Logan.
10.  Daddy holding Knox
Three Days Old:
Logan got the late late shift (4 am to 6 am), and when I came into the living room, I found he and Knox having a slumber party.  Logan was pretty proud of his “couch fort” he’d built.  There were pillows all around them so Knox wouldn’t fall off, and he was on top of the TCU blanket so he wouldn’t slip between the cushions.  :)
1.  Sleeping on the couch with Daddy Hanging out in the swing. 2.  Chilling in the swing
Snoozing on Daddy.
5.  Skin to skin with DaddyLori stopped by after work to meet Knox! 6.  Knox with Lori
And Laura Morton from work came that night and brought flowers and made us a three course Mexican dinner – which was amazing!
 7.  Flowers from Laura
The feast!  Home made tortilla soup, enchilladas, rice, guacamole, and a corn salsa dip.  It. Was. Fantastic.
8.  Mexican feast from Laura
Logan’s boss sent us a fruit arrangement! 9.  Edible Arrangement from Mark and Lynn Wines Four Days Old:
More snuggle time with Daddy after the late night shift.
1.  Snuggling with Daddy
Enjoying the swing again.
4.  Daddy playing with Knox in swing Hanging out with a very tired Mommy.
8.  Knox and Mommy on couch
Bundled up and enjoying the WubbaNub pacifier.  :)9.  Snuggled up
Five Days Old:
A sleep deprived Logan and I decided to call in the reinforcements, and my mom (aka Nonnie) came to the rescue, taking the night shift so Logan and I could get some sleep between nursing sessions.  She loved it.  We loved it.  Knox loved it.  And we got some sleep! 
1.  Knox and Nonnie 2.  Sweet sleeping Knox 4.  Sleeping angel On the way to his first pediatrician’s visit.
5.  Going to first pediatrician's visit Knox’s birth weight was 7 pounds 3 ounces (19.5 inches long), and when we were discharged from the hospital, he had slightly dropped to 6 pounds 13 ounces.  Three days later at the pediatrician’s visit at 5 days old, he was back up to 6 pounds 15 ounces, and at his two week check up had gained all the way to 8 pounds 6 ounces (20.5 inches)!  His one month weight was 9 pounds 13 ounces (22 inches).  My boy likes to eat!6.  Weight check at Pediatrician's 7.  Mommy and Knox Later that night, evidence of his love for eating:  this milk coma.
9.  Milk Coma He also got his first bath at home that night!  He was not a fan.  :)10.  First Bath 12.  Mommy giving Knox's first bath Daddy getting in on the action.
13.  Daddy giving Knox's first bath Apparently the hood on this towel was a little too big… 14.  Bath hoodie is too big! All clean, but not very happy about it!15.  Mommy, Daddy, and all clean Knox Uncle Ross warming him up after his bath.
16.  Uncle Ross 18.  Mommy and sweet Knox Wide awake in the middle of the night again.  :)20.  Wide awake after midnight
Six Days Old:
A little bleary eyed after another late night shift… but look who’s finally asleep! 1.  Sleepy Daddy and Knox On the way to get our newborn photos taken.
2.  Heading to newborn pics A sneak peek that I couldn’t resist taking with my camera.  :) 3.  Sneak Peek of newborn pics Getting him posed for another shot. 4.  Posing Knox Taking a pacifier break, during which he peed in her nice wagon.  Oops.  6.  Knox in wagon All that picture taking wears a boy out!
8.  SleepingOne Week Old:
Excuse the awkward shot of Logan’s lap, but this guy sleeps like his Momma!  Mouth wide open and hand over his head.  He’s mine alright! 
1.  Passed outUsing our monthly onsie stickers – this one says “Just Born”.   He’s so tiny in his rocker! 3.  Newborn Knox in chair3.  1 week old
Tiny feet!6.  Tiny feet 7.  Knox's sweet face I love this one.  Right after this, he kicked his leg around and rolled over onto his back!  Probably just a coincidence, but maybe he’s the youngest baby to learn to roll over?  ;)11.  Melt my heart He found his hands!  During his 4-D sono, we couldn’t get a good view of his face because he was always sucking on his fingers.  :) 13.  Found my hands With Ron Ron.
16.  Ron Ron holding Knox
And Mommy.6.  Hanging with Mommy Sweet Angel. 
5.  Swaddled up
He LOVES his bouncy.  This is a good thing because it allows me to actually get to take a shower!
1.  Bouncy seat time Working on some tummy time with Aunt Lyndsie and Daddy.3.  Tummy time with Aunt Lyndsie and Logan Yet another milk coma…4.  Milk Coma
Chilling in the bouncy again.
1.  Chilling in bouncy
We LOVE the floor mat from Ken and Nancy Smith.  It’s perfect for working on our tummy time.
3.  Laying on my new matt 5.  Tummy time
2.  Sweet Knox doing tummy time2.  Snoozing in bouncy Happy Thanksgiving!  We went to my parent’s house this year and had all the usual Thanksgiving food, which was amazing.  Knox spent the entire day being held and doted on, which he didn’t mind at all. 
6.  Give Thanks
Family portrait.  :)12.  Lowry family portrait, Knox's first Thanksgiving
Chowing down.
2.  Thanksgiving Lunch
With my little turkey! 3.  Mommy and Knox 4.  Knox's first Thanksgiving - time with Mommy
Turkey booty.  :)
5.  Knox's Turkey Butt  With Great Mamaw and Ron Ron.7.  Ron Ron and Mamaw holding Knox
Oh, how she loved snuggling this baby! 8.  Mamaw and Knox More Nonnie time. 9.  Nonnie and Knox Daddy leaning in to give Knox a kiss.  :) 10.  Logan, Nonnie and Knox
Thanksgiving milk coma? 11.  Sweet sleeping baby Two Weeks Old:
2.  Knox 4.  Knox on quilt
Hanging out in my activity gym! 1.  Hanging out under the play gym 4.  Tummy time Done with tummy time.5.  Not happy So mad!7.  Finished with tummy time
1.  More tummy time
Not sure what to think about those flashing lights…5.  Having fun
Knox’s first bottle of breastmilk.  He took it down like a champ! 1.  Knox's first bottle 4.  Knox's first bottle
Think he looks like Daddy a little?3.  Knox and Daddy Grinning with Mommy. 2.  Knox and Mommy Aunt Bari came to visit!1.  Aunt Bari with Knox So did cousin Shea.4.  Shea and Knox Somebody is wide awake!  (And super cute!)5.  Wide awake
Three Weeks Old:
Leanne and Mike came to meet Knox. 4.  Leanne and Knox
Mike’s a natural! 3.  Mike and Knox4.  Watching Elephant Getting so big!15.  Knox!
Maybe tummy time isn’t so bad after all!
16.  Enjoying tummy time
Such a cutie pie!
17.  Hello
Our first trip to BluFish.
2. First restaurant outing at BluFish
Auntie Jess took a break from work and came to see us.
4.  Aunt Jess at BluFish 5.  With Nonnie Reindeer booty!  :) 7.  Reindeer butt 9.  Knox and mommy I love snuggle time after baths.
11.  Sleeping on mommyOne month old!!
I still can’t believe how much Knox has changed in just a month.
1.  One month old!
Tiny feet! 4.  Knox's little feet - one month Posing with the bear from Jacqueline and Henry.
6.  Knox one month old 8.  Knox at one month 10.  Knox one month old 14.  Knox one month K is for Knox!17.  K is for Knox18.  Tummy time one month
Elvis lip.  :) 19.  Elvis lipAnd just so I can keep track of some of Knox’s firsts:

He started making real eye contact on December 8th, 2011, and started following and tracking objects with his eyes on December 9th, 2011.  He’s started being more alert when he’s awake now, so it’s fun to be able to interact with him more.  It’s so cool to watch him take in all his surroundings  

He is still colicky at night – usually between 1 am and 6 am, but that’s starting to get better.  I finally decided part of it was related to reflux, so I got the pediatrician to write him a prescription for some Zantac, which seems to be helping.  It tastes absolutely awful, and he hates taking it, but if it helps him feel better, it’s worth it!  He’s been wanting to nurse about every hour and forty five minutes to two hours no matter how hard I try to stretch him to three hours to get him on a better routine.  This means by the time I’ve nursed him (which takes about 40 minutes), burped him, changed his diaper (and probably his outfit too from spit up), we only have about an hour before we start all over again.  Since it’s flu and RSV season, the pediatrician doesn’t want us taking Knox out to public places until he’s 8 weeks old, but with this feeding routine, we wouldn’t have time to get anywhere before it was time to feed again anyway.  :)

I can’t believe the little guy is already a month old.  It has really flown by.  I’m so looking forward to watching him grow and change even more, and seeing his little personality develop!