Friday, July 22, 2011

And he shall be named…

1.  Knox's first onsie2.  Back of onsie

Oh, Baby!

Some more good news to report since the last update:  the fetal echo went well!  Everything checked out perfectly with the little guy’s heart!  I can’t thank Dr. Tim Thomas enough for offering to do the exam for us, and in turn giving me some piece of mind. 

I also had another doctor’s appointment yesterday and everything is looking good.  My blood pressure was actually back to normal for me – 98/54.  (Last time it was up to 114/76, which for me is high.)  I’ve been having some right hip and right lower back pains, but according to the doctor they’re just normal pregnancy pains.  I did finally break down and buy one of those giant c-shaped pregnancy pillows and it’s actually helped a lot.  Granted, it’s about the size of a kindergartener and it’s not easy to adjust positions once I’m “in” it, but it’s solved the problem of my waking up at 4 am every night, so in my opinion it’s the best invention ever.    

As for the baby, he’s growing and moving all around.  I finally knew I was feeling him move around 20 weeks or so, but it was nice to be able to confirm it during the fetal echo – I’d feel something move and be able to watch it happen on the sonogram at the same time.  His movements are getting bigger and stronger, and if I’m sitting still you can see little movements on my tummy.  Crazy.  Logan has also been able to feel him move a few times now, and that makes me happy.  Every day when I come home from work, he asks me “How’s the little guy?” and pats my belly.  It’s really sweet. 

Based on yesterday’s sonogram, little man now weighs 1.8 lbs, which is the 55th percentile.  Not bad!  The sonographer printed off a couple of pictures for me yesterday:

His sweet face.
4.  Better face
Yep, still a boy… still showing it off.  1.  Still a boy
His hand and arm.  6.  Hand 
A tiny foot.
3.  Foot 
And for the weekly bump updates, here’s 21 weeks.1.  21 weeks  7-4-11
22 weeks.
1.  22 weeks 7-10-11

23 weeks.  2.  23 weeks  7-17-11
I was really dreading the weigh-in at the doctor’s office yesterday, but it turned out alright.  (I’m still not convinced there wasn’t something wrong with their scale… but it was in my favor so I kept my mouth shut!)  People at work keep telling me I’m all belly, and that’s encouraging to hear.  My close friends are a little more straightforward and tell me I’m all belly and boobs, which is way more accurate.  I’m already in my second new bra size, and really giving Dolly a run for her money.  I told Logan the other day that I can’t see my toes… but it’s not because of my belly…

In other news, we ordered the nursery furniture!  We’ll have a crib, 6 drawer double dresser that will also serve as a changing table, a nightstand, and a super comfy glider/recliner.  The store actually had the chair on display in the fabric we chose, so I snapped a picture.
1.  Chair
I love it, and look forward to spending plenty of time there with a sweet little one in the near future!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

New House!?!

After about a year of looking, Logan and I have finally found the perfect house for our growing little family!  I’ve been trying to wait to post about it until everything is finalized, but I’m too excited.  :)  We put an offer on the house last week and have been getting inspections done, and are currently in the process of negotiations before everything is finalized.  If all goes according to plan, we would close August 10th. 

As an interesting side note, I recently realized that I end up grouping my “stressful life changing events” in two’s.  Last year I got married and changed jobs within a month of each other, and this year I’m buying a house and having a baby at the same time.  Funny.  :)

Now for pictures!  The house has two huge trees right out front, so it’s a little hard to get a good shot, but here’s the best I could do.  I think it’s a really cute house!
1.  Front
2.  Entryway
Dining room.  (Also, for some reason the paint looks yellow in the pictures.  In reality, it’s more of a tan-neutral color.)3.  Dining room
Formal living room5.  Formal Living
Kitchen7.  Kitchen6.  Kitchen
Bonus room right off the kitchen, which we’ll use for a treadmill room. 
8.  Treadmill room
9.  Den
Master bedroom10.  Master Bedroom
Master bathroom11.  Master Bath
Upstairs gameroom12.  Gameroom
Guest bedroom #113.  Bedroom
Guest bedroom #215.  Bedroom
Nursery!18.  Nursery
One of the guest bathrooms:          16.  Guest bath17.  Guest bath
View of the pool from the back porch
Pool 1

And from the other side of the pool. Pool 2  Wish us luck as we nail down the final details!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Happy 4th of July!

For July 4th weekend, Logan and I headed out to his parents lake house for some quality family time and to check out their new boat - which is awesome.  :)  I actually forgot to take my camera the afternoon we pulled each other on the tube behind the boat, but I did remember to take it later that night when his dad gave us a tour of the lake.  Clearly, I missed out on the action shots! 

This house was all decked out for the holiday.  1.  Lake House
And this one was just huge.  :)
3.  Lake house
Beautiful sunset view from the boat while touring the lake.  2.  Sunset Sean’s birthday was over the holiday weekend, and since we hadn’t celebrated my birthday with Logan’s family yet, Logan’s mom made Sean and I a chocolate cake, which was fantastic!2.  Sean and Lorin's birthday cake 
As Logan and I were leaving, we saw a mama and a baby deer in the field.  3.  Deer
I loved the little baby deer!4.  Deer
It was a much needed relaxing weekend for us, and I can’t wait to get back out there!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Happy Wedding Day Amanda and Josh!

Amanda and Josh are married!  They were married at a castle out in Rockwall.  Even though someone who will remain nameless may have gotten a speeding ticket on the way there (Logan…), and someone else who will remain nameless may have looked at the invitation wrong and planned our arrival for 7 pm rather than the 6 pm start time (Lorin…), we made it there in one piece and had a great time.  Amanda was beautiful, and both she and Josh looked so happy.  Here’s a couple of pictures from the reception.

First Dance:
3.  First Dance 
Logan and I:1.  Logan and Lorin at Amanda's wedding
The newlywed game with Barbies:2.  Newlywed game
Congratulations you two!