Thursday, July 31, 2008

Condo Pictures

It's painted!! Logan and I went to the condo tonight to see the finished product in all its glory, and I have to say... it's perfect. It looks exactly how I imagined it. Logan's friend Brady (who did the painting) even said he and his girlfriend may end up copying our colors at their house, which I take as quite the compliment considering I've never picked out real paint colors before. All of the walls were white before, so it was pretty cool seeing what a difference some color can make. The main color we used was called "relaxed khaki", and its just a neutral tan. My favorite room is the master bedroom because we did an accent wall. The wall that the headboard of the bed will go on is a darker brown, and it looks really, really good. The bathrooms are a light grey/blue color, but it didn't show up well in the pictures. It looks better in person. Not as bright. Same thing with the kitchen color, which is actually a light green color. As promised, I took lots and lots of pictures tonight, so enjoy!

Looking in from the front door:

The living room from the other side:


I'm including a picture of the stove because its the only one you can see the wall color in. Barely:

Guest Room:

Guest Bathroom:

And because its my favorite, you get two of the master bedroom:

And, the master bathroom:

Monday, July 28, 2008

We Survived Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre

Well, after being cooped up in the apartment for almost two weeks with a broken foot I finally decided I HAD to get out and do something fun, so Saturday night I went to a Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre with Mike and Leanne and some of their friends. I had no idea what to expect - things like this usually end up being either way more fun than you'd expected, or your worst nightmare that just won't end. I'm not sure if it was due to the wine involved, or if it was really that great, but I had a really good time. (Emily, the pregnant member of our group who was obviously not drinking, tells us it was definitely the alcohol that made it more bearable.) Either way, it was entertaining. The actors all overacted... and not that well. I think they thought we were on broadway and therefore yelled all of their lines into the unnecessary microphone. Any time the host wanted to get our attention she produced the loudest blood curdling scream I've ever heard. My ears are still ringing. I thought my food was great - although Emily's vegetarian platter was supposed to be pasta primavera and ended up being a plate of bagged veggies. Not cool for $70. My meal came with a serving of salmon and beef, green beans, rice and a salad. I was really hoping the dessert would involve some sort of chocolate, but it was coconut cream pie, so I had none. Probably for the best. (I lost another 2.6 pounds this week, so my total weight loss is now 14.5 pounds!) I think we all enjoyed it when the "detective" kept blaming DJ for being an obnoxious murder suspect that loves NAMBLA. I mean, all that sounds like a good time, right?? Oh, and between the salad course and the main meal they expected everyone to put on their latex investigation glove and look around the room and in the cubbies for clues as to "who done-it". (Please notice Leanne modeling said glove in the picture.) Stevo got up and investigated, but the rest of us (minus Emily) sat there and enjoyed our drinks while the rest of the room did all the dirty work. I do believe the detective was disappointed in us and needless to say, no one from our table correctly solved the murder.

Now, for your viewing pleasure, I have included a picture of my walking boot - straight off fashion week's runway show for the elderly. Mike and Leanne found it quite humorous watching me hobble in one high heel, and the walking boot. We literally spent at least 10 minutes trying to figure out what shoe looked the least ridiculous to wear with the boot. And this is what we came up with. I had another doctor's appointment today, and after taking the cast off and getting a new x-ray, (and seeing my sad, puny little foot) he decided he wants me to stay off it for another 10 days. So I now have a new cast on, but my same lovely boot.

I'm also posting a couple of new pictures of Lucy. The first one is just a normal posed Lucy, but in the second one she jumped up and ran into my face right as I was taking it. I actually think its pretty cute though. Its a perfect representation of what I see when I wake up in the morning.

Lastly, Logan and I finally have decided on colors to paint the condo, and it is being painted tomorrow and Wednesday. Look for pictures soon!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

It's Not Easy Being Beautiful...

Okay, so as you all know, I groom Lucy myself. Not only does it save me $100 bucks, I'm such a perfectionist that when I've had someone else groom her I end up re-doing most of it myself. Well, yesterday was her quarterly grooming day. She should probably be groomed about every 8 weeks, but I always end up putting it off another 4. People (mainly Logan and my family) have asked me why I let her get so shaggy - especially when its 120 degrees outside. I decided to take pictures of the grooming process to show why I don't do it more often. It's a huge ordeal that takes hours to complete, although I've finally gotten it down to two hours from about four. It's also a huge mess. I used to do it in my apartment, and it was just awful. Now I've started taking her to Dirty Dawgs and using their grooming tables and huge bathtubs which makes the process a little better. Anyway, here are the pictures.


Mid-Groom... (look at that mess - and that's only the first half!)

The finished product...

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Lori's Baby Shower

This weekend, I went to the baby shower for Nick and Lori's new baby - Olivia! (I just love that name.) Lori looked so cute pregnant, and I got to see her first baby, Carter, all grown up. He's almost two now, which is so hard to believe. Several of my high school friends were there, and it was great seeing everyone and catching up. In the picture is Lori, me, Jacqueline, Rachel and Shara. Rachel's pug, Rose, just had puppies recently, so we got to play with those too. (Apparently Rose got knocked up in the backyard by a neighbor's Brussels Griffon dog... much to Rachel's dismay.) The puppies were adorable! There isn't much I love more than babies and puppies, so I was a happy girl.

Oh, and a quick update on my weight watchers status - I weighed in before going to the shower, and I've lost another 2.4 pounds! That makes my total weight loss 13.6 pounds! Imagine what I could lose if I actually started working out... :) I'm pretty much back down to the size I was when I graduated college. If I can lose just about 10 more pounds, I'll be the size I was when I graduated high school. This weekend I have to talk to my counselor about what my goal size should be, so we'll see! Wish me luck!

iPhone, You Were Worth the Hassle

July 11th was the BIG day - the new iPhone was released. Being more of an "indoor girl", I'm not the type that would normally choose to wait outside in 100 degree heat for anything. I don't care what it is. That's just too hot. But the iPhone was a different story. Since I got to play with Leanne's iPhone when we went to Padre, I've been dying to get one. Especially when I was bored out of my mind on the airplane ride home, and I looked over to find she was contentedly watching a movie she'd downloaded onto her iPhone. That did it.

I worked a full shift at work Friday. I'd been up since 5:30 in the morning. I didn't think the line would be that long, so I decided I'd grab dinner on the way home with my new iPhone in hand. After all, I'd eaten a late lunch at 1:30 and it was only 8 pm. So the waiting game began. The line was "only" wrapped around the store and even with the end of the Chuy's building down McKinney. How long could this take?

I'll spare you the gory details, but to make a long (and I do mean long) story short, it took me 3 hours to even get into the Apple store, making it 11pm when I got inside. Not to worry though - the very interesting people waiting in line around me kept me more than entertained.... Once I got inside the store, I had another hour long wait until it was finally my turn to be helped! This makes the time midnight. No biggie, I'm about to get an iPhone, right? Wrong. I (along with all of the other customers in the store) sat there for an hour because the system froze. Apparently AT&T decided to do system maintenance at midnight without telling anyone. So at 1:15 am, we were all sent home - without our new phones. I did, however, get a "cut to the front of the line" pass for the next day though. What I never got? Dinner.

So Saturday morning before heading to a baby shower I stopped by the Apple store again. The people in line were not happy at all when I just mosied on up to the front of the line ahead of them. (How very VIP of me.) After getting inside, we discovered that due to the system maintenance the night before, my transaction was now frozen in some sort of limbo and we'd have to contact AT&T, which could take hours. Once again, I left the Apple store empty handed to head to the baby shower with plans to return in the afternoon.

The third time I went, I didn't care how pissed the people in line were that I jumped in front of them. I wanted my freakin' iPhone! I guess the third time really is a charm, because everything finally worked. I had my iPhone! AND... the manager was so appreciative of my patience that he gave me 50% off my accessories - which totaled close to $80. Nice guy!

Even though it was a total hassle getting the phone, after having it for a couple of days I've decided it was totally and completely worth it all. I love it! I know everyone is saying that, but its true. I'm the most excited about the GPS in it since I seem to get lost all the time. If you don't have one yet and are thinking about getting one, you should head over to the Knox Henderson Apple store and tell Leo that Lorin sent you. After spending so much time together, he's pretty much memorized all of my info - including most of my social security number.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

July 4th Weekend

Happy 4th of July! I had so much fun this past weekend. First we went to Margaret's pool for an afternoon pool party. She lives at the new Gables Villa Rosa, and the pool was gorgeous. Everything was going well until it started to sprinkle. We all tried to ignore it, but the next thing you know it started pouring on us, so we had to leave. I know its expected to get wet at the pool, but somehow being rained on just isn't the same. Next we picked up Logan's sister Lacie from the airport. It was so good to see her! She is a news anchor down in Harlingen near South Padre, so I'll get to see her again in a few weeks when I go to the beach. I sure wish she lived closer so we could play more often. So after picking up Lacie, we headed out to Logan's parents house in Rockwall. We swam in the pool, ate tons of fabulous food, and then when it was dark we climbed up onto their roof to watch the fireworks. Their house overlooks the lake, and from the roof we could see every fireworks show for miles and miles. I counted at least 9 different ones. It was really cool - except for the fact that I couldn't get that Yankee Doodle song out of my head. I kept this to myself so I wouldn't embarrass myself in front of his family.

Saturday we had our early morning Weight Watchers meeting, (I lost another 1.6 lbs!!) and then loaded up in the car to head to Mt. Vernon, TX. Logan's dad's side of the family has over 600 acres out there, and a big, beautiful plantation style mansion that we all met at. I think I must have met about 50 people that day, which is a lot of names to remember! I'm working on it. Anyway, we rode 4 wheelers around their property, all throughout the woods. Logan drove ours, and several times I found myself screaming like a little girl. It was embarrassing when everyone would turn and stare. But hey, he was going too fast! Anyway, during the 4 wheeling, we even saw a couple of deer. I didn't even know they had deer in Texas! We also saw some wild hog's tracks, which is supposed to be scary since they're mean, but I never saw one up close. I kept picturing Pumba from the Lion King, and he just doesn't scare me. After the 4 wheeling, we were pretty hot, so we swam in the pool, and then ate more food and I got to hear funny stories about Logan's family. Everyone was so nice and welcoming to me. I had a great time and can't wait to go again - but next time I'm driving the 4 wheeler. It is my goal to make Logan scream like a little girl. That's funny.

I had to work Sunday, but Logan and Chris and Leslie Thomas brought me lunch with all kinds of love notes on the napkins for me. They were obviously from Leslie. :) After work, Logan and I went to Trulucks for dinner. He got the King Crab, and I had a hard time watching him eat it. I don't like my food to look like it could get up and walk off the table. He loved it. I tried a bite, but I just can't do that texture. The taste was alright, but the texture... I was planning on being healthy, but Logan sure did order the award winning carrot cake for dessert. Its a huge slice of carrot cake thats at least 6 layers tall, covered with cream cheese frosting and served with hot melted butterscotch sauce and candied pecans on the side. Basically, its heaven on a plate. You HAVE to go there and try it.

Well, that about covers it. Its back to the real world of healthy eating and working. I'm going out to McKinney tonight to cook dinner for my parents. My mom had to come back from her mission trip to South Africa early because she broke her arm. (Specifically her right humerus, for all you nurses out there.) They obviously didn't have an x-ray machine out there, so when she gets back today she has an appointment to get it checked out to see how bad the break is. I hope my cooking is up to snuff... I'm making my famous ass-kickin'-chicken recipe.