Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The doctor’s exact words: “Don’t paint the room just yet, but it looks like a…”

Yesterday I had the first trimester screening done, and it includes a Level II ultrasound which is more advanced than the typical sono.  Yes, 13 weeks is very early to be able to distinguish gender, but according to my OB, the doctor who did my ultrasound has never been wrong in his predictions.  I asked him how sure he was, and he said 90%, so those are pretty good odds!  We’ll see if he’s right when we have our 18 to 20 week mega ultrasound.  :) 

In the meantime, Logan is thrilled, and I’m having fun looking at cute baby boy nursery ideas, and seeing all the cute boy clothes which apparently do exist! 

We got two pictures to take home from our ultrasound yesterday!  (By the way, it’s really hard to get a good shot of a sono pic.  Sorry for the shiny-ness!) 

First, the little one’s sweet profile.  Looking much more like a baby these days! 

3.  Profile
And of course, according to the doctor, the boy parts.  2.  It's a Boy! 
I also got some beautiful Mother’s Day flowers from my family on Sunday.  So sweet!
1.  First Mother's Day Flowers
And lastly, the bump this week at 13 weeks and 1 day.  1.  13 weeks 1 day

Sunday, May 1, 2011

1 + 1 = 3!!

That’s right!  This November Logan and I are going to be parents!  This has been THE hardest secret to keep.  We knew we were pregnant for about a month before telling our parents, and then we waited another month before spilling the beans to everyone else.  We finally started telling people this past week, and it has been so much fun! 

But let me start from the beginning… 

Having to wait the couple of weeks to find out if we were pregnant was not easy for me.  Turns out I’m not too patient when it comes to stuff like this!  So, I started taking pregnancy tests (yes, a couple per day…) a few days earlier than I probably should have.  And of course they kept coming back negative…. until March 3rd. 

I’d taken one test in the morning before work, and it was negative.  After work I went out to dinner with friends, and came home to find Logan on the phone with a good friend he doesn’t get to talk to often.  I decided to sneak off and take another test while he was preoccupied.  (Yeah, I’d been informed by my husband that I was going through them too quickly since they’re not particularly cheap.  So I’d resorted to sneaking them.  Anyone who knows me knows this sounds about right!)  I wasn’t expecting the test to be positive, so when I saw the faintest second little pink line, I couldn’t believe it!      1.  First Positive 3-3-11 
But before getting too excited, I took another one – a digital one this time.  That one came back positive too! 
2.  Positive!  3-3-11 
I wanted to run into the living room right away and tell Logan the good news, but he was still on the phone with his friend, and I obviously wanted his undivided attention when telling him.  I had to wait 20 excruciating minutes before being able to tell him!  I showed him the positive test with the faint pink line first, and he didn’t believe me that it was actually positive.  So I pulled out the digital one that makes it impossible to deny! 

Here he is after realizing the tests were really positive.  :) 3.  Logan seeing positive pregnancy test  3-3-11 4.  Logan can't believe it 
And of course, a shot of the happy Parents-To-Be!  

6.  New Parents-To-Be!  3-3-11

Three days later, I wasn’t feeling particularly pregnant yet.  (I guess I thought it would happen overnight?!)  So in order to make sure it was still real (and because I had some leftover tests stashed away…) I took another one.  That faint little pink line was much darker this time!
2.  Second positive  3-6-11
I have always enjoyed seeing pictures of my friends growing baby bumps, so I decided start taking mine from the very beginning.  Since we had to keep the news a secret until recently, I’ve got quite a few weeks worth of tummy shots to catch up on!   

4 Weeks:
1.  4 weeks, 3-6-11 
5 Weeks:
5 weeks  3-14-11 
6 Weeks:
6 weeks  3-20-11 
7 weeks:  (and the start of the dreaded morning sickness…)
7 weeks   3-27-11 
We had our first doctor’s appointment at 7 weeks and 1 day and got to see the little peanut for the first time!  Granted, it’s pretty hard to make anything out in the picture, but on the live sonogram screen we could see things a little better.  We got to see the heart fluttering away (132 beats a minute!) and that was really, really surreal. 
9 Weeks:  (and on the cruise ship)
9 weeks  4-11-11 
10 Weeks:
1.  10 weeks  4-18-11 
11 weeks:  This week we had another doctor’s appointment and got to see the baby on a quick ultrasound.  We didn’t get a printed picture since it lasted literally about 3 minutes and was only to check the heart beat – which was 172!  It was so amazing to see an actual baby up on the screen.  It’s hard to believe how much he/she has changed and grown in just a month.   
1.  11 weeks  4-25-11 
12 Weeks:
1.  12 weeks  5-1-11 
Over the last week or so, I’ve started to feel a bit better.  The nausea is definitely getting a little better, but I’m still pretty tired.  Chicken still repulses me – the sight, the smell… even just the though of it – but I’m hoping that will get better soon since I’m running out of creative ways to eat beef.  :)  As for cravings, it varies.  Initially I wanted salty things – particularly cashews – but lately I’ve wanted sweet (peanut M&M’s and ice cream) and sour (sour gummi worms).  Who knows if these are really pregnancy related cravings, or just Lorin cravings?  :)

Our next ultrasound will be next Monday, and I hope to get a new printed picture of Peanut!  We are so excited, and very thankful for all the kind words and well wishes we’ve received.  We would appreciate your prayers as we prepare for the journey of parenthood. 

Just 196 days to go until November 13th!