Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Bump Watch and 4D Sono Pictures!

Things with the pregnancy are moving right along!  My last doctor’s appointment went well, and I passed my glucose tolerance test, so no gestational diabetes for me!  I did have to have an extra ultrasound because apparently I was having some contractions, which I’d passed off as Braxton Hicks.  Fortunately everything checked out okay, and Mr. Knox looked great.  My doctor just told me to slow down and take it easy for a while, which has been pretty much impossible to do since we were in the process of moving, and are now settling into the new house and getting everything organized and set up.  (More on that in another post!)  But the further along I get in this pregnancy, the more I realize that I just can’t physically keep doing as much as I’ve been doing, so I’m trying to tell myself that the house is a work in progress, and everything will get done at some point. 

Knox is moving around like crazy – especially at night when I’m trying to go to sleep.  Wonder if we’ll have a night owl on our hands?!?  Feeling him move around is the craziest thing.  Just about every time I rest my hands on the top of my belly, he literally kicks them off.  Sometimes it’s so forceful it startles me, which then makes me laugh.  It’s also so strange to be able to see my stomach moving when he’s wiggling around in there.  It’s pretty amazing, and I can’t wait to meet this little guy. 

And now for picture updates!

24 weeks  1.  24 weeks 2 days  7-26-11 
25 weeks (and in Cabo!)6.  25 weeks 3 days  8-3-11 26 weeks 1.  26 weeks 1 day  8-8-11
27 weeks  (I had some requests to mix it up and not have only “headless belly shots”.)   So there’s the full view!  1.  27 weeks  8-14-11
28 weeks1.  28 weeks 2 days  8-23-11
29 weeks
1.  29 weeks 2 days  8-30-11 
A couple of days ago we had our 4D ultrasound, and it was absolutely amazing to be able to see what Knox looks like, and watch him move around and even yawn in live motion.  Most of the time he kept his hands up near his face, so it was hard to get many good pictures, but we were able to get a couple.  They gave me a DVD of the entire ultrasound, but I’m having a hard time figuring out how to make a still shot from a video.  Once I figure that out, I’ll post some better pictures, but here’s what we have for now. 

In this picture, you can see his hand and arm up near his face on the right side, and some distortion from the amniotic fluid on the left side, but there’s his sweet little face!  I think he’s beautiful – and I’m not biased at all.  ;)   
Knox 4D  2
This one didn’t turn out as well since I had to take a picture of my computer screen to get it, but I love it anyway.  :)  It’s crazy how in love with this baby I am and I haven’t even met him yet.  I can’t wait for him to get here! Knox 4D
This past weekend Logan and I went to our Childbirth class.  It was actually really informative, and I enjoyed it a lot.  I loved that they taught infant CPR, and Logan did great learning that.  (Yes, I’m a total medical nerd and loved watching my husband do effective compressions.)  At the end of class, they passed out baby dolls to teach everyone how to swaddle and change a baby.  While the teacher was giving directions, I looked over and saw this:
Logan in Childbirth Class
What a natural, right?  ;)

Monday, August 15, 2011

Happy 60th Birthday Mr. Lowry!

We recently celebrated Logan’s dad’s 60th birthday with a surprise party!  He knew something was going on, but I don’t think he expected all the people that showed up throughout the afternoon! 
 1.  Mr. Lowry's birthday
Part of the spread…2.  The spread 3.  Birthday decorations
Opening gifts after everyone had gone.  4.  Opening gifts
Logan… saving me a seat?  :)5.  Logan Sweet Moo, the nicest pit bull you’ll ever meet.  6.  Moo
Moo, Ruxton, and Boomer all asleep in Mr. Lowry’s lap at the end of the day.  Apparently this is a frequent occurrence.  :)
7.  Moo, Ruxton, Boomer in Mr. Lowry's lap
Happy Birthday, Mr. Lowry!!  We love you!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Cabo 2011!!

This was our third trip to Cabo – our second trip using our timeshare there.  As always, we had a relaxing, wonderful time.  Aaaannnd, as always, I may have over-packed.  :)  One of these days I won’t have to have the “HEAVY” tag on my luggage!  1.  Heavy Luggage
Beautiful flowers as we arrived in the timeshare lobby.  6.  Timeshare Lobby  31. Flowers
Lunch at Girasoles.  3.  Logan and Lorin at Girasoles
Mike and Leanne got to come with us this year!  They are perfect vacation buddies.  2.  Lunch at Girasoles 
Somebody enjoyed the 2 for 1 happy hour…  ;) 5.  Leanne's drinks
The next morning, we had breakfast in town at The Office on the beach.  1.  Breakfast at The Office5.  Breakfast 
My own private water bucket. 3.  My own water
Our breakfast view.  2.  Breakfast view at The Office  4.  Logan and Lorin
Back at the time share, we had a beautiful view from our room!6.  Patio View
Later in the day, we hung out at the Del Fins pool.  We love this pool because there’s usually not very many people there.  1.  Del Fins Pool 
Logan has finally found an author he loves, and he enjoyed reading on the bench under the bridge.  4.  Logan's reading spot
There are always big lizards running around the Del Fins pool!2.  Lizard 3.  Lizard   
Dinner at Tomatoes Restaurant. 8.  Dinner at Tomatoes7.  Dinner at Tomatoes
My relaxing view at the pool the next day.  2.  Beach chair view 
There are all kinds of fun tile animals and flowers on the floor of the pool! 1.  Turtle tile
Sweet Logan.  :)5.  Logan in pool
Big Cabo waves!2.  Cabo waves 3.  Cabo Waves 4.  Logan and Lorin 
Happy 25 weeks bump!6.  25 weeks bump Fun cacti during happy hour.  No worries - several rounds of water for me!  7.  Cactus Balls 8.  Happy Hour Mike and Logan Next we had dinner at the steak restaurant De Cortez.  14.  De Cortez9.  Logan and Lorin at De Cortez
Mike wanted a challenge and ordered the 24 ounce T-Bone…10.  Mike's 24 oz steak
…and he just about finished it!  (Followed by the meat sweats, obviously.)13.  Mike ate it all
I had a little 5 ounce steak.  Much more manageable.  11.  Lorin's steak
I finished mine too!12.  All gone   All you can eat breakfast at Girasoles!16.  Lorin and Logan at breakfast
Lovely view.17.  Breakfast view
We also had a view of Michael Jordan’s Cabo home.  Not too shabby!20.  Michael Jordan's house
Basket of goodness with a side of nutella.  Mmmmm….15.  Breakfast goodness  
I am obsessed with french toast.   18.  French Toast  Logan had the banana macadamia nut pancakes.  22.  Banana macadamian nut pancakes Our little breakfast visitor.  I definitely did not share my french toast.  :) 21.  Bird at breakfast 
That night Logan and I ordered in room service while Mike and Leanne went into town for a date night.  23.  Lorin and Logan during roomservice
Beautiful waves down on the beach the next day.  24.  Beach
The pictures don’t do them justice.  They were huge!  25.  Waves Not the best picture of us, but we had just been pummeled by the waves.  :)26.  Logan and Lorin on beach 27.  Waves 
On the way to dinner on our last night.  29.  Logan and Lorin 30.  Lorin and Logan
Can’t wait until next year!