Sunday, January 24, 2010

MY Wedding Louboutins!!!

After months of online researching and several unsuccessful in-store shopping trips, I am proud to present: my perfect Christian Louboutin wedding shoes!

Here are the several in-store pictures I took. (Let's face it, when you're looking at something this beautiful, one picture just doesn't cut it!)
For my fellow Louboutin connoisseurs, they are 100mm Ron Rons in multi-glitter. Originally I was looking at getting either pink or blue wedding shoes, but I saw these and loved them. The color is actually pretty cool. Depending on the lighting, they can look champagne colored, pink tinted, or silver.

I ordered the very LAST pair in my size in the entire United States. (The pair in the pictures are a size 11, and even my feet won't fit into those!) They should arrive on my doorstep sometime within the next week!

A very special thanks needs to go out to Leanne for two reasons. First, for starting and encouraging my obsession with all things Louboutin. And second, for listening while I indecisively weighed the pros and cons of about 40 different pairs. (Yet another reason she is an amazing maid of honor.)

Now, if I can only wait the 82 days to wear them...

Saturday, January 9, 2010

The many faces of Wade Phillips...

I don't care who you are - you've gotta love Wade Phillips' "game face". His constant look of confusion entertains me almost as much as the game itself. Please, enjoy my montage...

Monday, January 4, 2010

New Years Eve 2009

I had to work on New Year's Day again this year, but we didn't want to let that spoil all of New Years! So Logan and I met Mike and Leanne at Trulucks for dinner.
Leanne has officially changed her name, so now she is officially Leanne Goodspeed!

This is the first time I haven't loved my steak from Trulucks. When I cut into it the first time, my knife came out bloody. We'd already had 2 courses of food and I was pretty full, so rather than send it back I just ate the more cooked parts around the edges and avoided the middle of my steak. This way I could save more room for dessert!
This right here is the main reason Logan and Leanne love Trulucks: Dirty Martinis with blue cheese stuffed olives. I don't get it, but they sure do enjoy them.
Leanne ended the night with a double espresso. Black. (I tried it, and I'm not sure how anyone drinks those. I think this is where the the saying "it puts hair on your chest" comes from...)
Mmmm... my chocolate cake! Happy 2010!!! It's gonna be a big one for Logan and me!

Jeff Came to Visit!

Christmas and New Years also means that Jeff comes to town for his annual visit! I love this guy. It's always so good to see him and get to hang out for a while.

Mike, Jeff and Logan enjoying some vino while Leanne finishes up dinner. Lucy (aka Miss Spoiled Rotten) howling because she wasn't getting enough attention.
Leanne made the BEST chicken parmisean. Ever. I love when she cooks. Logan and I, with full tummies.
Jeff, after teaching me all about wine making.
Logan getting into Cowboys watching position.
Lucy konked out during the 4th quarter.
The girls, Summer and Blondie, cozied up in Mike's lap towards the end of the game too.
A silly picture of Logan and me. (Sure do love that guy.)

Christmas 2009

This year Logan got his wish - we had a White Christmas! Since I had to work Christmas Eve, the original plan was for Logan and I to head out to McKinney Christmas morning, but since it had been snowing all day we weren't sure how bad the roads would be in the morning. So, we headed out to McKinney Christmas Eve instead.

The steps up to the condo had tons of snow on them. It was hilarious watching Lucy try to run up them - she ended up slipping and straddling them at one point. (Only funny since she didn't get hurt...)
The front yard got lots of snow too. On the right side of the picture you can kind of see where Lucy messed up the snow. She ran up and down in a straight line, shoving her head all the way into the snow, then tossing the snow around with her nose. She definitely had the rips. After running herself ragged.
We got to my parents house, and my mom was very proud to show off her new Nativity scene. Beautiful!
When she was decorating for Christmas, she also came across this reindeer my Granny made for us over 25 years ago. I remember this being my favorite Christmas decoration when I was a kid. It hung from the banister of the upstairs in our old house.
She also found our very old Nativity from when Ross and I were little. This was the indestructable one she put out so we could play with it and not break it. I loved playing with this! But I'd get so frustrated that the Angel over the manger would always fall off and then knock over Mary and Joseph. Funny what you remember from your childhood...
When we woke up Christmas morning at my parent's house, everything was still covered in snow!
The view from the back porch...
Ross and Jessica (and Parker), and Mamaw and Papaw all came over! It was so great having everyone there this year.
Logan being helpful in the kitchen. (His momma trained him well!)
Sweet Toby hanging out in my mom's lap, watching all the action.
Parker-Poo! Love that face!
Logan :)
Ross got waaayyyy too many presents! He couldn't have been that good, right?!? ;)
Mom and dad, surrounded by their loot.
Jessica made Mamaw and Papaw the best gift ever - a picture frame full of pictures of their grandkids.
Logan and I got mom a bird feeder and stand for the back yard. (I love how cute she is in this picture!) She also got FOUR copies of the movie "The Proposal". Looks like the family needs to communicate better before buying gifts!
We also got my dad the first three seasons of The Office, which he now LOVES. He'd never seen it before, and apparently now my parents have Office marathons at home. :)
My dad "helping" Logan open gifts.
Ross and Jessica got me tons of new cooking stuff!! I can't wait to put it to use!
By the end of the day, my camera battery died, so I had to use my iPhone camera and also steal a couple of pics from Jessica.
Toby, taking a break from all the action.
Parker loved his presents!
Lucy LOVES opening gifts. It was nearly impossible to keep her from getting into them while I had them wrapped at home. It's like she knew which ones were hers.
A squeaky rooster! Just what she'd always wanted!
And gnaw-hides!!!! (A term trademarked by my dad.)
Ross and Lucy, snuggling in the kitchen floor... for some reason...
The next day we got to spend the whole day at the Lowry's house. (I forgot to charge my camera battery when I got home the night before, so I was only able to get one picture with my camera. The rest are from the iPhone. Next year I promise to do better!)
Lacie and Lyndsie in the kitchen, enjoying the best guacamole ever made.
The Lowry family Christmas tree! (The tree is on top of a table, by the way.)
Isn't it insane?!? (Love it!)
Leah's dog Boomer couldn't run away fast enough, so he got a Christmas bow tied to him.
Logan and Boomer
Moo and Boomer trying to eat Mr. Lowry's chocolate chip cookie. (He didn't share.)We had a fantastic Christmas this year, and loved spending time with family. Can't wait for next year!