Saturday, May 29, 2010

Our Wedding Weekend (pictures from my camera)...

After completely neglecting my blog, I'm back! And there's a lot to catch up on... starting with the most important day of my life - our wedding day. We still haven't gotten our official proofs back from the photographer yet, so I'm posting the ones from my camera for now. Leanne and Leslie stole my camera during the ceremony and reception and documented everything for me. (Thank you girls!!)

But before we get to the wedding, we have to start with the events leading up to it which began on the Thursday before the Big Day. We'll start with those pictures, and then end with the most beautiful wedding reception I've ever seen (if I do say so myself!) ;)

My cousins Josh and Jason came in from California, and my cousin Alisha and her husband Conan came in from Colorado. I hadn't seen Josh and Jason in probably 6 years, and Alisha in almost 20 years, so it was wonderful to get to catch up with them. We decided that when you're visiting Texas, you've gotta have some Tex-Mex, so we took them to Chuy's on Thursday night after they all got in from the airport.
Friday was a busy day - starting with my Bridal Brunch, hosted by my Aunt Bari! We had it at Breadwinners, which was fantastic as always. Aunt Bari had written a "fairytale" type story that was a mixture of Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and some of the other famous princesses. In her version I was the princess character, and Logan was the prince. It was really cute, and had props and all! Logan's mom said I already had the key to their hearts, and she presented me with a key to their home on a beautiful "L" keychain. So sweet. After brunch, we headed over to the nail salon for manicures and pedicures. Sweet Whitney, waiting her turn. My mom and Alisha enjoying some pampering. Sweet sister-in-laws, Lacie and Lyndsie.Me, with the matron of honor! (Love that girl.)...and she thinks she's not girly! ;) After manicures and pedicures, we had a little bit of time to relax, so we hung out at the Starbucks next door.After that, we headed to the Arboretum for the Wedding Rehearsal. The flowers were GORGEOUS!This is the area where our wedding was supposed to take place. On the actual wedding day though, it was scheduled to rain right at ceremony time, so the Arboretum didn't set up our chairs at our ceremony location. Their plan was for us to get married inside the reception space on the dance floor. While that still would have been beautiful, Logan and I really wanted an outdoor wedding, and we hoped that the rain would hold off until after the ceremony. Our amazing bridal party rounded up all the chairs they could find and set up a beautiful ceremony location outside just off the porch of Rosine Hall. While it did end up raining during the ceremony anyway, we were able to have our outdoor wedding with the beautiful flowers in the background. We just got a little wet! :)

Anyway, all of that to say, these rehearsal pictures are where our wedding was supposed to be, had the weather cooperated. Practicing handing off my bouquet. More beautiful flowers.The girls practicing their entrance...My dad, walking me down the "aisle". Practicing vows with the hubby-to-be!After the rehearsal, everyone headed to Maggiano's for the Rehearsal Dinner. The food was outstanding!24 hours to go before it's official!Our parents, my grandparents, Josh and Jason, and Grant and Jill. Some of the wedding party and their dates.Now time for the Wedding Day!! Everyone got ready at the Stoneleigh Hotel, which was absolutely BEAUTIFUL. I would live there if I could!The beautiful bathroom was huge!Our suite...My sweet mom, relaxing.Whitney, Jacqueline, Lacie and Jessica relaxing on the bed in the comfy outfits and slippers I got them. Lyndsie and Leanne.Jacqueline, Lacie, me, and Jessica. Leanne, getting her make up done. She looked absolutely beautiful. My sweet hair stylist, Leah, working on my mom's hair. Leanne's turn!Lyndsie getting made up. After all the curling......I trust you, Leah......Ahhh, much better!Make up time for me! The finished product!Leah did an amazing job on my hair. (Poor thing, before the wedding I went in for 3 separate hair trials!) In the end, it was exactly what I'd always pictured - less structured, more free spirited... "organized messy". :) Mom buttoning the thousands of buttons on my dress in the Bridal Suite at the Arboretum... it's almost go-time!The bouquets arrived, and were gorgeous! (Thank you, Becca and Kerrie!)Logan, ready to seat his parents for the ceremony. All my girls, ready to go!My dad and I. (Love this picture!)The groomsmen, all lined up. (It's not raining yet!)Dr. Warren and Logan. (I think he sees me!)Ready to go. I love how different our expressions are. I actually wasn't nervous at all, if you can believe that! God does answer prayers. :)Yay! We're official!Soaking wet!This was the guest sign-in table. We had pictures of our parents and grandparents on their wedding day, and our photographers made our sign-in book out of our engagement pictures. Our string quartet did an outstanding job. Thank you, Forte Strings!The bridal party, ready to make thier entrance to "Crazy in Love". First up, Leah and Glenn. Lyndsie and McShan. Lacie and Andy.Ross and Jessica.Jacqueline and Chris. Whitney and Brady. Mike and Leanne. I think Logan was dancing here? :) Mr. and Mrs. Logan Lowry!First Dance, to "You Are the Best Thing", by Ray Lamontagne. Great song. Twirling...It actually truly was our first dance together. After dating for two and a half years, we'd still never danced together. We kept meaning to practice, but with how busy it gets before the wedding, we never got a chance to. I think we did alright!Lyndsie and her boyfriend Sean. Kinsey and Scott Powell. Love this picture. :) Chris and Leslie Thomas. Brad, McShan, Meredith, Marissa and Kat. McNulty, Edwin and Chris.Ross and Jessica enjoying dinner. We served mahi-mahi, beef brisquet, grilled veggies, a mashed potato bar, salad bar, gourmet grilled cheese and tomato soup. It. Was. Amazing. The Magoos. ;) Dee Dee, Whitney and Cody. Grant and Jill Byrd. Jill did an amazing job helping me out with the day-of details. Jason and Laura Seymour. My parents.McShan, Meredith and Leslie. I love this picture of Lyndsie... and I love Jessica's face in the background. :) Jacqueline and Philip, and baby Henry who will arrive this September!Mike, Jodie, Laura and her husband Chad. Yay TCU friends!Awww, Jeffrey and Leanne. Haley and Sean. McShan and I. I loved our table assignment numbers! I named each table after some of our favorite places, and then attached a picture of Logan and me at that place. Leanne loved that one of our favorite places was the Goodspeed's. :) A close up of some of the beautiful flowers on the head table. Our monogram on the dance floor.Logan and his sisters. And with Ross and Jessica, his new brother and sister-in-law. Colby Logan, our fantastic DJ, played "The Newlywed Game" with us. Logan and I sat back to back so we couldn't see each other, and had a glass of wine and a bottle of beer in each hand. Colby would then ask us questions, like "Who is the worst driver" or "Who is always running late" and we would hold up either the beer for Logan, or the wine for me as our answer. It was hilarious, and so much fun! Leanne and Brady getting ready for the matron of honor and best man toasts. They were so nervous!Leanne, giving her toast. (Love her slippers!) ;) Mr. Len giving the father of the groom toast. Father-daughter dance to "My Girl". Mother-son dance to "In My Life" by the Beatles. The LaPrades... plus a new Lowry!Sean, Haley, Jenny and Chelsey.My beautiful cake! Ohhh, it was so good. Chocolate Kahlua cake with chocolate buttercream filling, and white chocolate icing. If you know me at all, you know I only do chocolate! :) Logan's cake was amazing too. His was Apple Butter cake with Apple Butter filling and Milk Chocolate icing. The cookies were chocolate chip and snickerdoodles. Thank you, Elena!Feeding each other cake. We promised not to get it all over each other... and I somehow "accidentally" ended up with a little icing on my face. ;) The garter removal, to "Foxey Lady" by Jimi Hendrix. (The bouquet toss was to the "Sex and the City" theme song. Perfect!)Dancing!!!Yes. That is my father. Dancing in the middle of everyone. Later he told me he was just trying to get across the room to get some more bread. Mmmhhmmmm....Sweet friends. I never knew my dad was such the dancer! Here he's dancing the night away with Jessica!Whitney and Cody - soon to be Mr. and Mrs. Connell! Lacie and Jim Bob. My mom with my Aunt Bari, and cousins Erin and Shea. Logan and his fraternity brothers had me sit on the dance floor and surrounded me in a circle. Then they performed the tradition of singing me the Sigma Chi Sweetheart Song while all running around me in the circle. Some of my Children's work friends! Kathy, Cat, Haley, Angela, and Dee Dee. I miss them so much! My best TCU guy friends - Jason, Jeff, and Mike. I love them so much. Some of the Sheppard family - Mike (Shea's new husband!), Aunt Bari, Uncle Jeff, my cousin Cole, Joyce, and Erin. Dancing - but notice Alisha's sweet Air Guitar!!Dancing with Jessica!Jason, Jeff and Jodie. A Lorin sandwich, with Dee Dee and Sheradon!At the end of the night, we drove away in a 1961 Cadillac Convertible. (We had to ride with the top up because of the rain...) It was a sweet ride.

Logan and I went back and stayed at the Stoneleigh Hotel for the night, and headed off to St. Lucia the next morning for our honeymoon. Even with the rain changing our original plans, Logan and I have decided we wouldn't change a thing. The rain made the whole ceremony more memorable, and took our minds off being nervous. And in the end, it's not about everything being perfect. It's about the commitment he and I have made to each other. I love this man with my whole heart, and am so thankful to have found him.

A HUGE thank you to all of our family and friends for supporting us and helping us along the way. And also thank you to our amazing vendors, who brought our dream wedding to life:

Bludoor Studios Photography - Edward and Mike
A Stylish Soiree Floral - Becca and Kerrie
Astounding Sounds DJ and Lighting - Colby Logan
Invitation Creations by Liz - Liz Tesh
Forte Strings - Sharon Hawkins
The Dallas Arboretum - Kathryn Thomas
Gil's Elegant Catering - Rachel
BBJ Linens - Erin
Celebration Event Rentals - Laura
Dallas Dream Cars - Chris