Sunday, June 8, 2008

Sex and the City: Take Deux

So, technically, I've seen the Sex and the City movie twice now. However, the first time I saw it I was so hopped up on mimosas, I wandered to the movie theatre alone one afternoon and ended up sitting with a group of very friendly women in their 50's. This could have been awkward - especially since they were all Catholic private school teachers - but I ended up actually having a good time. Only problem was that thanks to the mimosas (oh, and the two glasses of wine I had during the movie) I didn't remember a thing that happened in the movie. So Friday night Leanne and I went to see it. Besides the fact that we had constant commentary from the ladies in front of us, the girl next to us apparently applied an entire bottle and a half of some funky smelling perfume (if you can even call it that), smelly girl's boyfriend listened to the Ranger's game during the movie, all the random bursts of applause and shouts from the multitudes of drunken women, and the sight of an 87 year old white headed woman with the biggest bouffant hair-do I've ever seen - we had a fabulous time! Leanne even laughed out loud a couple of times during the movie. If you know Leanne, you KNOW that doesn't happen unless its really, really good. So now for my birthday, I'm asking for the complete boxed set of all the Sex and the City seasons. I've held off buying it this long thinking the re-runs on TBS and the CW were good enough, but now I've just gotta join in all the hoopla have the real thing at my beck-and-call. Just two more weeks till my birthday!

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Leanne said...

It sounds like you might have enjoyed the people watching more than the movie?