Friday, June 13, 2008

I did it!!!

Just wanted to make this official (because posting it on a blog does that...) I've lost 10.4 pounds in 5 weeks!!! Wa-hoo!!! Even after my obscene splurge day this week where I conveyer belted eight (yes, eight) pieces of bread at brunch and a bowl of queso (yes, a bowl) at dinner, I still lost 2 pounds this week! When Logan and I started being healthy, we decided up front that once a month we'd have a splurge day to reward ourselves for eating so healthy the rest of the month. While I have to admit, the queso tasted like mannah from Heaven, I've decided I don't want to do a splurge day anymore. I felt like crap for the next couple of days - probably because of all the bread - but still. So from now on, I think my once a month splurge will be one really good dessert. I'm thinking chocolate.... or hey, these days, maybe just another loaf of bread!


Leanne said...

love the artwork. congrats!

Stephanie said...

Hooray! You win! :)