Monday, June 23, 2008

27th Birthday!!

I have now officially entered my "late twenties". I actually feel like a grown up. The new nurses at work started last week, and when we asked how old they were, most of them were only 22. I can't believe that's how old I was when I started working there. I've changed so much in the last 5 years!

Anyway, back to my birthday. We had so much fun! Logan and I fell off the wagon for the night and completely endulged ourselves in the goodness that is Margarita Ranch. Earlier in the day, I kept telling him I was going to still try to eat healthy even though it was my birthday. But once you smell that queso with spicy beef and see those frozen margaritas, you just can't help yourself! After dinner, we went to my favorite bar, The Quarter. Its right behind my apartment, and my friends and I spent many a night there last summer. When I got upstairs, the bartender Chris immediately asked me why I'd fallen off the face of the earth after getting a boyfriend. :) Maybe I need to show them some love and start going back every once in a while. They were always so good to me. Since I haven't been drinking lately, I've gotten back my old tolerance, (aka "cheap date" status) which was quite enjoyable.

The next night Logan took me to my favorite restaurant, Capital Grille. Its impossible to get a bad meal there. I got filet mignon and Logan got Swordfish. I don't know why, but I pictured the fish still having the long sword-like nose attached to it. (Obviously, it did not.) I'd never had swordfish before, but it was amazing. They also have these great martinis. I'm not really a martini drinker, but theirs taste like pineapple juice, so they're fabulous. They cut up about 30 fresh dole pineapples, put them in a huge glass jar, then pour Stoli vodka on top. The vodka soaks up the pineapple flavor, and they're chilled perfectly. Its called a Stoli-Doli, and its the best thing - ever.

Logan got me the entire Sex and the City DVD collection. He claims he is never, ever going to watch a single episode with me. He's "drawn his line in the sand", especially after being teased about buying it by people from work. I think he'll eventually learn to love Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte, and he'll be the one begging me to put the next DVD in. My parents, my brother and Jessica got me money for a new iPhone. Haley is taking me for a pedicure, and as for Mike and Leanne - I refuse to tell anyone what they got me. Trust me, you don't want to know anyway...


Christy said...

happy birthday lorin! it sounds like you had a wonderful time. the funny thing is - i remember when you were one of those 22 year old new nurses. so does that make me really old? you look beautiful in your pictures!

Mike said...

The Capital Grille is so good. The food there makes my food wienie go nuts.

Anonymous said...

Aw, I missed your birthday :( I'm sorry... But on an incredily cool note, I did not realize that you and Logan had been together for a year... yep, I spent the better part of my afternoon catching up on your blogs :) IS your foot better? And congrats on your condo with Logan, when will WE get to meet this dream man of yours?

Oh and as for being 22 when you started your job, I was 22 when I met Cole and turn 30 on Sunday. YOU cannot feel near as old as I do these days :)
ANyway, glad things are going well for you, we love you and hope to get to spend some time with you soon!!!

Erin & Cole