Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Random facts about me...

Well, I've decided to hop on the bandwagon and start my own "official" blog. I thought it would be nice to have a journal of some sort to keep track of the things that are happening in my life. (Honestly, I'm just procrastinating going to the gym... but that's neither here nor there.) So without further adue (is that how you spell it??), my first blog post: Random facts about me!

1. I hate old movies. I don't care how good they are. I can't sit through them.

2. I used to be addicted to Peanut M&M's. Addicted. I realized I had a problem when work friends would give me the pound bags because they saw them on sale at the store and thought of me. This happened more than once.

3. I love reading. I can read an entire book in a day. I read a lot of chick-lit, but lately I've been trying to broaden my horizons. I recently read a book all about Ted Bundy (which was quite tedious), and after that decided I wanted to go back to my warm and fuzzy chick-lit books.

4. In second grade, I won the school wide reading competition, meaning I read the most books during the school year. My winning number? 1,257!! Yep, that's right. And all they got me for my "reward" was a T-Shirt designed like a jersey with the number 1257 on the back. If that doesn't get you beaten up, I don't know what does.

5. Seeing as how I'm not the atheletic type, the only trophy I've ever gotten was for said book reading competition. After receiving the T-Shirt, I cried and cried because I really thought I'd get a trophy of some sort to show my friends. Having the amazing parents that I do, I had a surprise trophy - engraved and everything - waiting for me at home.

6. Although I'm not atheletic, by the grace of God (or a glitch in the system, one never can tell...) I made the cheerleading squad in Jr. High. I loved every second of it! I was even nominated Homecoming Queen, and on occasion still wear my crown around the house when having a particularly bad day. Kidding. Or am I.....

7. I love bread. I recently joined weight watchers to learn portion control and how to eat healthy, and all this time I thought my "problem" was my sweet tooth. Turns out the sweets have been easy to kick. Its the freaking bread! I miss home-made tortillas like nobody's business.

8. I still count on my fingers.

9. I have the craziest dog, hands down. Never in my life have I met another dog with even close to the personality that Lucy has. She has two speeds. Zero, and 160. She's never in between. I recently caught her wearing my swimsuit - and she got it on by herself. 'Nuf said.

10. I am extremely loyal to my family and friends, and completely overprotective of my little brother.

11. I love Queso with spicy beef from Margarita Ranch. (Thanks, Jesus!!)

12. I love the chicken fajitas from Margarita Ranch.

13. I love the margaritas from Margarita Ranch. My special creation is the frozen lime margarita with sangria swirl, plus an extra shot of tarantula tequilla on top. 14 weight watchers points each, if you're curious - and the catalyst responsible for my weight watchers membership. (You thought it was the M&M's, didn't you?!?)

14. Nursing school was one of the hardest things I've ever done in my life.

15. I love my job. Hate the work politics, but when it comes right down to it, when I'm actually just nursing and doing my job, I couldn't be happier. Its such a special gift to be able to be there for a patient and their family when they're going through a difficult time.

16. Logan and I want to have great danes. The timing of this venture is yet TBD, but it may happen in a year or so... A girl and a boy, Stella and Duke. (Those are my choices, but I do also like Marley...)

17. I LOVE to haggle. Logan's car recently got stolen, and I had a blast going car shopping for him, haggling over prices, and then taking him to the place I got the best deal. What girl does that??

18. I can't keep plants alive. Its unbelievable how fast they die in my care. (Fortunately this hasn't crossed over into my nursing career.) When I went to college I bought a potted plant that I named Pete since I couldn't have a pet in the dorm. Pete always looked so sickly, and I'd frequently have to take him home to my parent's house for my mom to nurse back to health. Then she'd give him back to me, and I'd nearly kill him again. After freshman year, Pete went to live with my parents permanently, and would you believe he's still flourishing 9 years later?? I'm not allowed near him.

19. I asked for an overhead projector for Christmas - several times. How cool are those things???? (Never got one.)

20. I also asked for a cash register, but alas, managed to get some fischer-price toy one instead. I wanted the real thing! I'd get so excited when we went to Office Max because I'd get to "pick out" what cash register I'd buy if I only had the money. I was an odd child.

21. I love lime. Put it on just about anything, and I'm happy.

22. I love ketchup even more. Put it on everything and I'm thrilled.

23. When I first got braces in 5th grade, my orthodontist must not have been considering my upcoming journey into Jr. High because he did the unthinkable. He only put brackets on my front two teeth. For a long time. Imagine me like that, and wearing my "Super Reader" shirt with permed short hair. (There will not be a picture posted for this.)

24. I knocked my brother's front teeth out right after we'd been to the dentist.

25. One of my favorite things is the smell of a bookstore. Especially now that they all have Starbucks in them.

26. Speaking of smells, I love the smell of fresh laundry. Who doesn't love curling up under a warm, fresh-from-the-dryer blanket with a good book on a rainy day?

27. I love going to the movies. Especially now that I have my own money and can buy popcorn and a Coke if I want it! (My dad always said the concession stand was a rip off and refused to contribute to its profits.)

28. Logan and I just bought a Wii and I'm quickly becoming addicted to Wii Tennis and Mario-Kart.

29. I LOVE Boston, and would love to live there someday. I've never particularly enjoyed history, but its a whole lot more interesting when you're seeing the things you've spent your life reading and learning about.

30. My great-grandmother came to Texas in a covered wagon. How crazy is that??


Mike said...

Wow that's a long first blog post. I feel like I got a workout just reading it. Get better at Mario Kart because it's too easy to beat Leanne now.

Leanne said...

In 5th grade I won a $100 savings bond for reading the most out of the whole elementary school. No trophy for me either. Unlike you I haven't read a book since. :)

Christy said...

I love that you started your own blog! I will look forward to reading your post. I also love that you started with peanut m&m's - what better way to start! thank you also for sharing the hilarious information about your braces - junior high is so hard:)
have a great day and happy blogging! i will add you to my list!

Jessica said...

yea!! glad you joined!! it's so fun

Stephanie said...

I SO wanted a cash register when I was little too! I also got that stupid fisher price one with the big plastic coin money....but the ones at office depot were WAY cooler. :)