Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend at the Lakehouse

For Memorial Day, we loaded up the car (which becomes packed to the brim when traveling with a young baby!) and headed to the Lowry’s lakehouse for several days of relaxation. 
2.  Knox and Daddy
Knox loves his Aunt Lacie!
4.  Aunt Lacie and KnoxLove this picture of Lacie, Knox and Logan.
5.  Lacie, Knox and LoganLogan loves eating green onions raw and thought Knox would like to play with one.  At one point he tried to taste it and quickly decided it wasn’t his flavor.  :)
3.  Knox's first green onion
Knox and LaLa
7.  Blurry Knox and LaLa
Knox and Pops9.   Knox and Pops The Lowrys have a lot of family that live near the lake, so it’s always a lot of fun to visit with them too.  They all love passing Knox around – and he sure doesn’t mind being the center of attention.  :)  In this picture, Sam is holding him.
10.  Knox and Sam With Bradleigh.
11.  Knox and Bradleigh Layton had never held a baby before, and like all guys, he was afraid he was going to break him.  I loved this candid picture of Bradleigh helping Layton and Knox get comfortable. 
12.  Lowry cousins loving on Knox Getting to know each other…
14.  Knox and Layton Knox and Layton
15.  Knox and Layton Knox and Laine.  (Love that goofy grin!)
17.  Knox and Laine Relaxing on the porch swing.
19.  Logan and Lorin This was our view at sunset.
20.  Sunset The next morning, Lacie was trying to teach Knox to say “Mama”.  (We’re still working on that!)
22.  Knox and Lacie
Pops got lots of one on one time with Knox too!21.  Knox and Pops

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