Saturday, May 26, 2012

A day in the life…

Woke up early again today (even though it’s Saturday!) and got to watch my favorite cartoon: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  My favorite part is when they do the Hot-Diggity Dog dance!
1.  Early morning cartoons Mom’s been trying to get me to like peas, but I’d rather eat my oatmeal.  Today we get to try sweet potatoes.  See how excited I am? 
2.  Clearly excited about trying new food Here we go…
2.  Sweet potatoes I dunno about these sweet potatoes…3.  Sweet Potatoes Wait a minute, I think I like them!6.  Just kidding!  I like sweet potatoes
I get to eat oatmeal too?!?  Yes!!! 
Wait.  Do I have something on my face?
8.  Do I have something on my face This sippy cup thing is pretty cool.  I like to hold it and chew on the top to make the water come out.  It’s cold, and sometimes I think that’s funny.
9.  Working on the sippy cup Ugh, I am SO full.  Is it bedtime yet?
10.  All this eating is hard work

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