Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Loving Springtime

Knox woke up the other morning in an exceptionally great mood, so I decided after some playtime to take him to see the ducks at a shopping center nearby. 
5.  Happy Knox 7.  Knox! Duck watching…
10.  So serious There was a cute little duck family!
8.  Baby ducks
Having fun!
9.  Duck watching Love this.  :)
11.  Mommy and Knox Trying for a self portrait of the two of us, but someone found their toes much more interesting.  :) 12.  Mommy and Knox After watching the ducks, I needed to feed Knox before heading back home.  (It’s always interesting to nurse him in the car.  I wonder how good the window tinting really is…)  Anyway, when he was done, he was in SUCH a great mood!  13.  Happy boyWe had a great day!

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