Saturday, May 26, 2012

Happy Birthday, Jessica!

Last weekend our family got together at the Creel’s pool to celebrate Jessica’s 27th birthday!  Knox came downstairs to wake me up that morning.  :)
1.  Waking up mommy 
Hanging out with Aunt Jess.
2.  Knox and Jess I love swimming in my boat!
4.  Knox and Daddy in the pool 5.  Knox in boat Lots of people stopped by to wish Jessica a Happy Birthday.
6.  Pool party Preston is Ross and Jessica’s bulldog puppy.  So cute!
8.  PrestonPreston giving Ellie sweet puppy kisses.  :)
7.  Preston playing with Ellie Knox playing with Daddy.
9.  Knox and Daddy in the pool 10.  Knox and Daddy in the pool He’s got it rough. 
11.  It's a rough life for Preston Teaching Knox the art of the self portrait.  :) 12.  Knox and Mommy Nonnie and Knox!
13.  Nonnie and Knox 14.  Preston Sunday afternoon naps are the best.
15.  Nothing like a nap by the pool Knox may look like his Daddy, but it takes him a while to really wake up like his Mommy.  :)
16.  I wake up slowly like my mommy Hi Mom!
17.  Hi mom! Practicing walking with Ron Ron.
18.  Practicing walking with Ron Ron 19.  With ron ron The hubs and me.  Professional self portrait takers.  :)
20.  Obligatory self portraitWe had a great time hanging out with family.  Happy Birthday, Jessica!

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