Sunday, June 26, 2011

Happy 30th Birthday to me!!

I can’t believe it.  I’m actually 30 years old.  I remember being a kid and thinking the 17 year olds sitting with the youth group at church were SO grown up.  Ahh, how your perspective changes!  It’s true what they say:  With age comes wisdom.  And I proved that this year by successfully spreading out my birthday celebrations for an entire 10 days!

A few days before my birthday Logan and I celebrated with dinner at Trulucks, which is always a favorite.  A little birdie must have told the waitress that it was my birthday, because they brought me two incredible cupcakes – one carrot cake, and one double chocolate.    
 1.  30th birthday cupcakes at Trulucks
After dinner we headed to the Meyerson to see Ben Folds perform with the Dallas Symphony Orchestra.  We love Ben Folds, and getting to hear him play backed by a symphony was an amazing experience.  He truly is a talented musician, in every sense of the word.   2.  Ben Folds concert for 30th birthday
I was able to get a picture of the symphony before the show started, but no pictures were allowed during the performance.  I tried to sneak one, but Logan caught me and I had to put my camera away.  :)
3.  Ben Folds with Dallas Symphony Orchestra
A few days later we celebrated again with my family, this time at my favorite Italian restaurant, Momo’s.  Not only is the food wonderful (they hand make their pasta from scratch daily), but the waiters are always so good to us.    
4.  Lorin and Logan at my 30th Birthday 
Logan snuck out of the house while I was getting ready and decorated our chairs with black balloons.  He’s been teasing me about being “old” now and really enjoying it since I’ve been doing the same to him for about 3 years now.  1.  Balloons at Momo's for 30th Birthday
Ross and Jessica.
2.  Ross and Jessica at Momo's 
Mom and Ross.
3.  Mom and Ross 
Logan and my Dad.
5.  Logan and Dad
Since the next day was Father’s Day, my parents had a couple of gifts for Logan to open for the baby.  Love this sweet puppy dog onsie!
6.  Logan's father's day gift
And some bibs.
7.  Father's day bibs 
My mom made brownies, and even cut out the stencil for the “30” powdered sugar decoration.  8.  30th Birthday brownie
On my actual birthday, Logan took the day off since we had our “big” sonogram that afternoon.  (More about that in the next post.)  We ended up looking at a few houses and then met my family for lunch (again!) before our appointment.  Jeff was also in town and met Logan and me for dinner at Brick House, which has amazing food.  We always love when Jeff visits!

And then finally, last night we celebrated at Taverna with Chris and Leslie, Whitney and Cody, and Mike and Leanne.  It was fun getting everyone together – so much fun that I forgot to take a single picture!

So I have to say, 30 has been treating me pretty well so far, and I’m really looking forward to everything this year has in store.  Lots of big and exciting changes!

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kinsey said...

happy 30th! i had my 20 week sono with hank the week of my 30th bday too...ha!