Sunday, June 26, 2011

Baby Lowry Updates

This past week we had our big 20 week ultrasound where they not only confirm the gender, but also measure all of the baby’s bones and organs to make sure things are developing on track.  I am thrilled to report that everything looks perfect! 

Being a pediatric nurse and working with sweet children that have to overcome health obstacles makes me that much more thankful that so far everything looks good with our little one.  And since I specialize in cardiology, I paid extra close attention to the heart.  I was beyond relieved to see 4 healthy heart chambers, a right ventricular outflow tract, and a left ventricular outflow tract!  One of my cardiology doctor friends has offered to do a fetal echo for us, so in the next week or so we’ll get an even more detailed view of the baby’s heart.  

Now for the fun pictures!  Here, you can clearly see that it’s a boy!  (I’m sure one day when he’s older he’ll hate that I’ve posted this picture.)
I think he’s yawning in this one.  Lowry_Lorin_3
Profile shot.
I’ll admit it – this one kinda creeps me out a bit – but it’s a view of his face straight on.  His head is on the left side, and he’s resting on his hand.  You can see his arm extending towards the middle of the picture, and it stops at his elbow. 
This was really amazing to see in the live motion.  We watched him suck his thumb, pause to yawn, and then go back to sucking his thumb.  It’s crazy to me that he’s literally just hanging out inside of me. 
We found out I have an anterior placenta, which explains why I haven’t been feeling a ton of fetal movement yet.  An anterior placenta means that the placenta is between my tummy and the baby, so any movements he makes go into the placenta which absorbs them like a pillow.  So it might be a few more weeks before I’m feeling big movements, although lately I’ve been feeling a few more twitches and bubbles, and that’s pretty cool.  He’s also breech right now, but the doctor says there’s still plenty of time for him to rotate into the correct position.   

And now for the weekly belly shots.
18 weeks:
1.  18 weeks 4 days 
19 weeks (and after a long day at work):
1.  19 weeks 1 day 
20 weeks:
1.  20 weeks 
Halfway there!

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