Friday, March 19, 2010

The Wedding Tree

In addition to a traditional guest signing book at the wedding, we will also have this "Wedding Tree" for guests to sign. A work friend showed me this idea and I fell in love with it. During cocktail hour, all of our guests will make a leaf on the tree with their fingerprint and then sign their name around their leaf. After the wedding, Logan and I will have it framed and hang it over the fireplace.

My friend Jenny is absolutely amazing at doing artsy things, so I asked her to help me with it. She drew out the tree on this scratch paper, and then we started putting our fingerprints on the tree to see just how much space we'd actually need. We're planning on around 250 guests, and this draft tree has just 125 fingerprints! Needless to say, the real thing will be much bigger. Either way, it was pretty fun playing with the paint. :)

So when you're at the wedding, be sure to look for our Wedding Tree, and sign your name!

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