Monday, September 21, 2009

South Padre Island 2009

Well, we did it again! Mike and Leanne invited us to go out to their condo in Padre, and as usual we had a wonderful and relaxing time. Lacie and Jim Bob came out for a couple of nights, so it was good to get to see them too. Sadly, I never once stepped foot on the beach this trip... even though it was only a block away. Some days it was raining, and the other days we just hung out at the pool instead. (Closer to the bathroom and the kitchen that way, right?) :) We watched a lot of movies - including Hostel (terrible) and Hostel 2 (pretty good actually.) It's always fun to turn off the lights, light the candles, and watch a scary movie while we're down there. We also went to the Island Cinema (the bare bones theatre on the island) and saw District 9, which I absolutely loved! It was so different from any movie I've ever seen. I'd never seen any previews for it, so I had no idea what to expect. Loved it, and highly recommend it.

Okay, so this year we had a cooking competition in the condo. Leanne was unaware of this competition, but it was my own personal goal to cook the best meal of the week. Here was my ass-kicking chicken, an oldie but a goodie.
Mikey liked it.
Leanne liked it - even after making the leftovers into some sort of chicken-pea-potato mush...
I also made 4 layer dessert. Since making this, I've decided that baking may be more fun than cooking. At least with baking you get to constantly lick sugary things off spoons. This dessert had lots of cream cheese and powdered sugar - and with those two ingredients, you can't go wrong!
One night we went to Wahoo and watched the Labor Day fireworks.
Logan and Lacie.
Mike brought his Wii, so we had all sorts of competitions. The sword fighting was awesome.
Mike and Jim Bob battling it out!
Okay, I always tease Mike about how long his toes are, and how his feet actually like a second set of hands - just without the thumbs. To prove this theory, I asked Mike to hold my book for me while I read. And he did.
Ahhhh, the night of the meatball subs. Leanne totally and completely blew me out of the water in the cooking competition with this one. They were fantastic. Jim Bob doesn't even like cheese, but he ate it right up on the sub.
The fancy tomato basil and cheese side dish. Yummm.
This was the best meatball sub I've ever had. I ate the entire thing, and proceeded to change into my comfy pants. This was out of necessity.
Later that night, we went to Wanna Wanna and had their Turbo Pina Coladas. I have no idea what's in them, but they were gooooood.
Leanne was scared of how strong it was. She quickly got over this.
Logan, once again trying to embarrass me by shaving and leaving only a moustache this time.
After Wanna Wanna, we came back to play more Wii sword fighting and bowling. (P.S. I am the bowling champion.)
Mike and I sword fighting...
Mike won. Boooo.
Logan and I sword fought too, and I do believe I beat him this time. Probably because his moustache was distracting him.
Looks like I won again!Towards the end of our trip, Logan and I went to D'Pizza Joint with Lacie and Jim Bob. The pizza was fantastic (and cheap), but the bathroom definitely weirded me out. So much I had to take a picture of it. Imagine trying to go to the bathroom with this creepy dude staring right at you. Talk about uncomfortable.
We made one last run to the liquor store, and Lacie took a liking to this interesting Cognac bottle.
Logan, Leanne, Lacie and Jim Bob in the pool. The water felt great, it was just so cloudy outside!
Lacie and Logan
Mike and Leanne
The last night, I used the crock pot and made my orange pork. It was great, but nowhere near as good as Leanne's meatball subs. I'm already researching recipes for next year.... I have to win! ;)
As always, we had a great time. We always love spending time with Mike and Leanne. We're all the same in that we're good relaxers - we just enjoy hanging out and not having to do anything on vacation. There was talk of us going to learn how to surf on this trip, but somehow I lucked out and we didn't end up doing that. (It was 3 to 1, and I was going to be forced to attempt to be atheletic for a day.) So now it's back to reality - just work, work, work and planning a wedding. Logan and I aren't going on any more vacations until our honeymoon. We still haven't decided where we'll go. Any suggestions??

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