Monday, August 31, 2009

Happy Birthday, Dad!

For my Dad's birthday this year, we went to the Olive Garden up in McKinney, which is one of his favorite restaurants.
We absolutely stuffed ourselves silly. Can't you see the misery on our faces?
For those of you who have never met Lucy, I thought these next two pictures would provide the perfect example of how big a Giant Schnauzer really is. Here is little, sweet Toby sitting up in my mom's lap. Toby is a mini schnauzer.
And here's Lucy, jealous that she wasn't getting all the attention and trying to climb up in my mom's lap. (She wasn't using her good manners.) But see? She really is Giant!Anyway, back to my dad and his birthday. He is SO camera shy.
I mean, he HATES having his picture taken.
Lucy decides to help my dad open his present.
My dad recently got a new surround sound system, and every night he goes downstairs at 8 pm to watch a movie as loud as possible. His favorite thing is when his system makes the windows rattle. So Logan and I got him lots of movies that would be great for watching with suround sound. We gave him: Wanted, The Shining, The Game, Die Hard, Man on Fire, and Seven. Mom - looks like you won't be watching any chick flicks any time soon. :)
And one more of my sweet Lucy. She turns 7 next month. She's getting a pretty grey around the mouth these days!Happy, happy birthday dad! I'm ready to come out and watch more movies in super duper surround sound!

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