Monday, September 21, 2009

Wedding Registry Extravaganza!

A couple of weeks ago I dragged Logan along with me to start our first wedding registry. We started at Kona (not to register, but to get Logan sushi - fuel to get him through the registering) and then headed to Macy's. They have SO much stuff there. On this first trip, we spent so much time getting signed up and looking at all the different luggage and plates and glasses, we ended up only scanning one thing before we had to leave. (I also lost Logan at one point - only to find him "testing out" the matresses. Umm hmm.) Since then, I've gone back a few times and added more things (and even made new registries at Crate and Barrel and Pottery Barn) but I haven't made Logan come along anymore. He knows he's always welcome, but his reward for being so willing to come the first time is that he's no longer required. :) Can't you just see the excitement in his face??

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Sarah said...

Congratulations on your big day! Since you're posting about wedding registries, I thought you might be interested in

It's a free online registry service that allows couples (guys enjoy it too!) to register for EXPERIENCES instead of for things. You can register for things to do on your honeymoon, or activities to enjoy together during your newlywed year (cooking classes, a beach vacation, skydiving; you can even register for help with a downpayment or money to adopt a second "ball of fur1").

My friend Joy used it for her wedding and got some GREAT gifts that I know her and her husband will enjoy throughout their newlywed year. Congratulations again!