Sunday, November 23, 2008

Coldplay Concert

This past Wednesday, Logan and I got to go to the Coldplay concert with Chris and Leslie, and Jason and Laura. It was ah-maz-ing! They are such a great band, and even better live performers. You know how some musicians sound terrible live? Chris Martin sounds exactly the same on his albums as he does in concert, which is hard to find these days in my opinion. Their drummer is also ridiculous. Chris Martin even made a joke at one point about how they have the loudest drummer since Animal (from the Muppets).

In addition to the live show being performed by Coldplay, we were "fortunate" enough to have our very own personal entertainment just two rows in front of us in the form of Drunky McDrunkerson. This woman was WAAAAAY too old to 1) be that drunk in public, and 2) be "dancing" like she was. Seriously, I have never in my life seen such horrible out of control moves, such ridiculous girations - and I just got back from Vegas! On a scale of 1 to 10, the lady was constantly at a 14, and every time a new song came on, she shot up to a solid 20. You had to see it to fully appreciate it, but trust me when I say it was unlike anything I've ever witnessed. I was fortunate enough to catch an action shot for your viewing pleasure, and while it helps, it still doesn't provide the full effect.

Back to the concert, the set was great. They had these giant colored balls hanging from the celing that changed colors and had moving pictures and things reflected in them. They were definitely one of my favorite parts.

At one point, Chris Martin did a great piano solo on this runway that came off the stage that was closer to our side, so that was cool. The entire band also went and did a couple of songs from the middle of the second level of the audience too.

This is one of the huge screens that was on the other side of the venue hanging from the celing. I thought it was a good picture, plus, it has one of those great colored balls that I love so much next to it. :)
Towards the end of the show, they released a TON of confetti from the celing all over the crowd. Just when you thought it couldn't get any better, they released more confetti and turned on the blacklights!

We had a fantastic time, and I think we'll definitely go see them again the next time they come to town. Next concert coming up: The Killers!!

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