Thursday, November 8, 2012

My New Camera!

So I've been dying to get a really nice camera for the past few years, but never could justify the hefty price tag.  I'm still not sure I can justify it, but I decided to go for it anyway.  :)  I clearly take TONS of pictures of Knox, and they never turned out the way I wanted on my old camera.  Without getting too technical, on my point and shoot camera I had to use the flash to keep the picture from being blurry, but I hated the way the pictures were so washed out because of the flash.  I also love how with the SLR cameras you can get that super sharp picture but keep the nice blurry background.  So after tons and tons of research, I finally chose a camera that I love!  I'm still definitely an amateur, but I'm really enjoying playing around with the settings and trying to figure out how to get the best pictures - hence the total picture overload.  :)  I know the grandparents will enjoy!      

Loves walking around with his trucks. 
Model baby...

His new thing is to try see what "treasures" he can find in the trash can before I catch him. 
Caught red-handed!
Running away.  :)


Caught playing in the cabinets too.  I've gotta keep my eye on this one! 

Not sure why, but I loved this picture.  I think it's the lighting. 

Aunt Jess came to play!
Favorite snack: Cheerios. 

Still trying to figure out how to work that snack trap...
An episode of Brainy Baby and some Cheerios make for a good afternoon.

Aunt Lacie also came to visit, and she brought Lolli too!  This was Knox's first real experience with a dog since he's been old enough to play with one.  He.loved.her.  Turns out we need a dog.  (*hint, hint, Logan!)

Learning how to be gentle.  (Lolli was such a good sport.) 
Lacie teaching Knox how to rub Lolli's belly. 

Knox teaching Lolli how to play with the shape sorter. 

Being so gentle.  Sweet boy. 

Love, love LOVE this picture.

Waving, and showing Lacie his "scrunch face". 

That is one handsome guy. 


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