Monday, November 12, 2012

Knox's First Birthday!!

How has it already been a year since we brought this perfect little bundle home?? 

My, what a difference a year makes!  Daddy and Knox goofing around before the birthday party started.  :) 
He loves this.  ;) 
Family photo-op.  :)
I wish this picture hadn't turned out blurry!  He was moving too fast (as usual)!  We had a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse themed birthday party this year, and this was Knox's 1 year Mickey shirt. 
Tissue paper balls hung from the celing over the table.  

The table
Balloons everywhere!  (I think there were about 2 dozen.  I wish you could have seen me trying to get them all into my car!) 

I put one of his monthly sticker pictures from each month since we brought him home up for decoration.  It's crazy to see how much he's grown and changed!  Not gonna lie... I definitely cried while putting these up.  ;)

Knox and his favorite buddy, Tyler, playing with a balloon.

Opening presents! 

The boy LOVES his drum set.  He played with one at a friend's house and wouldn't put it down, so I knew we had to get him one.  His favorite part: carrying around the drumsticks like a scepter.  :)

Handsome guy, going for a ride. 

New circus tent!  (Somehow Daddy wound up playing in it alone...) 

Aunt Jess and Uncle Ross got Knox this little vacuum.  Good practice for when I can hand over the real thing, right?!?

I loved how Knox's cake turned out!!  So cute!! 

His very own "smash cake". 

Family picture right before cake time!
Love this!

Digging in...
First bite...

...and he threw up his cake.  :)

Maybe ice cream will go better?

Nope.  Not a fan!  :)

Smiling at Ron Ron. 
Learning how to stick out his tongue.  :)

Aunt Jess

Aunt Lyndsie

Ron Ron and Nonnie
Our lives have been made so much richer by you, Knox.  Thank you for being such a sweet, silly boy, and teaching me the definition of total unconditional and boundless love.  Happy 1st Birthday, Knox!!  Daddy and I love you SO, so much! 

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