Friday, November 9, 2012

Knox's First Haircut

I took Knox to get his first haircut, and he did pretty well!  We went to a kid's salon, and they were great with him.  He got to sit in a firetruck and watch a Baby Einstein video - what more could he want??  :)
Putting on the cape.  He only looks slightly concerned...



He only got concerned when he heard the clippers...
"Ummm, don't think you're coming at me with those."
Really not a fan of the clippers. 

Chewing on a comb makes everything better.  (Yuck...)

Aunt Lacie met us back at our house with Knox's birthday gift since she had to work during his party. 

A new laptop!  Now Knox has one of his own so he won't "need" to play with Mommy and Daddy's!  ;) 

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