Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Everyone loves a naked baby!

So every time I look through my pictures and see ones of Knox wearing just a diaper, I always think of my friend Mike.  (No, I don't mean I'm picturing Mike in a diaper... although now I am...)  Anyway... Mike was teasing me saying he bets Knox wants Santa to bring him some clothes for Christmas this year because he's never wearing any!  I promise the boy has clothing - lots of it!  I just usually end up taking pictures when he's playing after lunch, which means he's gotten food all over his clothes and I haven't put new ones on him yet.  :) 

So, just for Mike - a few more diaper pictures to add to the collection. 
A little blurry, but this guy is always on the go!

Peeking out from his tent.  :)

On the move!
Reading "Brown Bear, Brown Bear"

Shaking his shaker eggs, which means he has to make the scrunch face.  :) 

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