Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Nonnie Nora Shower!

The sweet ladies at First Baptist threw my mom a surprise Grandma Shower!  Now she’s all set with tons of goodies for Knox when he comes over to her house. 
5.  Lorin and Nonnie Nora
Tons of gifts!3.  Gifts
One of the tables was decorated with all the different names for “Grandma”.  Cute idea!1.  Grandma names
Yummy cake balls, lemon bars, and chocolate caramel squares.2.  Desserts  4.  Decorations 
Opening some of the loot!  :) 6.  Gifts 7.  Book gift 9.  Blocks
I was so happy they invited me to come and watch my mom celebrate her first grandchild.  The ladies at FBC were so generous to do this for our family!  :)  

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