Tuesday, November 1, 2011

New House Pictures

I’m excited to finally be able to post pictures of the updates we’ve been doing on the house since we moved in!  We’ve been here just a little over 2 months now, and things have really taken shape.

The first thing we did was hire some tree trimmers to shape up the trees out front and in back.  They’d become completely overgrown – so much so that you couldn’t even really see the front of the house. 

Front of the house before:
1.  Front 
The huge mess during all the trimming.  3.  Front Yard mess

 4.  Trimmed Tres in front
Love our beautiful house!5.  Trimmed Trees in front

The oak tree in the backyard before:1.  Backyard tree before 

6.  Trimmed tree in back
Since this picture, we’ve actually removed that oak tree by the pool altogether.  It was dropping a ridiculous amount of acorns into the pool, and I was having to clean out the Polaris bag at least 4 times a day… when it hadn’t gotten so heavy that it became disconnected and sprayed water all over the place, forcing us to add tons of water to the pool every day.  Yeah.  The tree had to go. 

We initially moved in and unpacked for a couple of weeks, then decided we really wanted to paint the whole house.  Since we were still waiting on the majority of our furniture to be delivered and a lot of things were still in boxes, we decided it would be better to paint sooner rather than later.  So, we repacked most of the things we’d already organized (not recommended when you have an 8 months pregnant wife who is desperately trying to nest…) and moved in to my parents guest room for a week while the painters were here.  In the end, it was all completely worth it because the house now “feels” more like us.  It’s funny – after looking at tons of paint swatches, we ended up choosing the same main colors we’d chosen when we painted our condo a couple of years ago. 

Here’s the before and after photos.  (In some of the pictures it doesn’t look like the paint color changed much, but I think it’s just the lighting.  It was much more golden before, and now it’s more of a khaki.) 

Kitchen before:
7.  Kitchen 
Kitchen after:
1.  Kitchen 
Den before:
9.  Den
Den after:
4.  Living Room 2.  Living Room2 3.  Living Room
Dining Room before:
3.  Dining room
Dining Room after: 
5.  Dining Room
Formal Living before:
4.  Formal Living 5.  Formal Living
Formal Living after:
15.  Living16.  Living 
Master Bedroom before:
10.  Master Bedroom
Master Bedroom after:
8.  Master
(Please excuse my hospital bags packed in the corner.  Yay!)11.  Master Bed 
Master Bath before: 
11.  Master Bath
Master Bath after:  (I love the blue!  So relaxing.)
9.  Master Bath10.  Master Bath 
Upstairs Gameroom before:
12.  Gameroom   
Upstairs Gameroom after:
6.  Man cave 
We re-did the pool bath too.  Originally it had an ugly pedestal sink, no mirror, and horridly dirty gold lighting fixtures.  I don’t have a before picture, but here’s the after:
7.  Powder bath  
Logan and I also changed out all of the door knobs throughout the house from this gold, covered in old dried paint:
1.  Doorknob before
To pretty silver door knobs:
 2.  Doorknob after
The official test to see if you’re a grown up – how excited you get about household appliances.  :)  I was SO excited when our new refrigerator came!  It has a special snack drawer in the middle that has it’s own temperature control for wine/cheese/meats/soft drinks.  And I love the crushed ice dispenser!  My refrigerator.  Is.  Awesome. 
12.  Fridge
We also had to get a new washer and dryer since ours was a stackable pair that’s staying in the condo.  I’ve decided I really like the front loading kind.  And instead of just buzzing when the cycle is over, they sing a little tune.  So cute!14.  Washer Dryer
And last but certainly not least – something I’ve been wanting for about 8 years… The Pottery Barn Manhattan Leather Recliner!!  My new favorite spot to sit/sleep/read/be.  13.  PB chair
We’ve been busy at work here, and there’ve been lots of unforeseen obstacles we’ve had to deal with in the process, but it’s definitely all paid off.  Our new house really feels like home, and we completely love living here.  Not only that, we’ve fallen in love with our neighborhood.  We’ve met most of our neighbors who have all been so nice.  Apparently our street even organizes a block party twice a year in the cul-de-sac right across from our house, and everyone cooks out, and they have a bounce house and activities for the kids.  Everything is very family oriented, which is exactly what we were looking for at this point in our lives. 

I’ve also started cooking again, and have taken up baking too!  I’m all kinds of domestic.  :)   

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