Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Bump Watch!

I feel huge.  My belly is really heavy and I can’t get comfortable in any position.  I’m waddling like crazy, and I have a hard time walking without shuffling my feet so it sounds like an old person at a nursing home coming down the hall.  Nice.  :)  I am SO ready to meet Knox… but also getting more nervous about the impending delivery.  I try not to think about that part of it and just remind myself that people survive childbirth every day, right?? 

I’m now going to the doctor every week, and I’ve made it through two major hurdles:  1.  I didn’t deliver last week while my doctor was out of town.  2.  I didn’t deliver on Halloween.  :) 
35 weeks:
1.  35 weeks 2 days  10-11-11
36 weeks:  At this doctor’s appointment, they did one last ultrasound to get some final measurements and see around how much Knox was weighing.  Everything looked great, and they estimated his weight to be right at 6 lbs.  If he continues to gain the average 1/2 pound each week, he’ll be 8 lbs at delivery!  It was around this week that he “dropped”, and I could finally start to breathe again!  They also started checking my cervix every week at this time (not the most comfortable thing…) and I was not dilated or effaced, but he was –3 in station, and Dr. Ryder even said “Wow, his head is low!”  (-5 is a floating baby, 0 is when the head is fully engaged, and +5 is crowning.) 
1.  36 weeks 2 days  10-18-11
37 weeks:  Another good doctor’s appointment this week.  This time I was dilated to 1 cm (not much, but I’ll take it!) and he was at –2 in station.  I saw a different doctor this week, and he also commented on how low the baby’s head is.  I think that’s good? 
1.  37 weeks 4 days  10-27-11
I can’t believe I’m posting these, but here they are...
3.  37 weeks 4 days  10-27-11
4.  37 weeks 4 days  10-27-11
38 weeks:  This is me last night.  My next doctor’s appointment is this Thursday, so we’ll see if I’ve made any more progress then!
1.  38 weeks 1 day  10-31-11

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kinsey said...

getting close!! i had both of mine at 38 weeks/2days (H) and 4days (S)...can't wait to see pics of the newest lowry!