Thursday, December 23, 2010

Jeffrey’s 2010 Christmas Visit!

Every year around Christmas time, one of my best friends from college makes his way back to Dallas to visit.  And every year, we get together and have a blast!  I think Logan looks forward to Jeff’s visits almost as much as I do.  :)

This year we met at Taco Diner for dinner, and then came back to our condo for drinks afterwards. 

Taco Diner + Mambo Taxis + Friends = Fun.1.  Logan and Lorin 
2.  Jeff and Lorin 
Kim got to meet Jeff this year too.  We played Battle of the Sexes, and while I don’t officially remember who won, I’m pretty sure the girls did.  Obviously!
Loved seeing you Jeff!!  Can’t wait till your next visit!

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