Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas 2010

19.  Logan and Lorin
This year, we got to spend Christmas Day at the LaPrade house, and then a couple of days later got to celebrate Christmas all over again at the Lowry house.  Double the loot!  ;) 

Logan and I had both been fighting awful head colds for about a month, but we didn’t let that get our Christmas spirit down!

My mom and Jessica put out all the cute Christmas decorations this year.  Loved the “Christmas Countdown” Santa!

30.  Countdown
Fun place settings.  1.  Place Setting
The mantle over the fireplace was all decked out.  28.  Mantle
My mom LOVES snowmen, and this one was my favorite.  (Hard to tell in the picture, but he’s glittery.)29.  Snowman
We had a miniature tree this year, and I loved the pearls and the bows. 
31.  Tree
My dad, Jessica, Parker, and Logan.  (Smile, Logan!)2.  Dad, Jess, Logan
Ross and Jess, coming up on their 2 year wedding Anniversary in April! 
3.  Ross and Jessica
Loved getting to visit with Mamaw and Papaw, as always.  4.  Mamaw and Papaw
They got a new flat screen TV!5.  Mamaw and Papaw's TV
My dad, modeling his John Lennon tribute collector’s magazine.  6.  Dad and John Lennon
Best.  Picture.  Of.  The.  Day.  Hands down.  Check out my dad in the background making fun of my mom’s obsession with the Twilight series.  He was so embarrassed when he realized I’d caught this on camera.  Mwa-ha-ha-ha.  7.  Mom Eclipse
Mom also got a tote, handmade by Jessica’s crafty Aunt Penny.  8.  Mom's Tote
Dad, opening up his big gift…9.  Dad's TV
A flat screen TV for the treadmill room!10.  Dad's TV
Logan loves his Cowboys stuff!11.  Logan opening gift
I got him the George Bush book.  He was excited.  12.  Logan  
My mom sewed me an adorable apron!  I love it!   14.  Lorin's Apron
Jess got me a cute whiteboard to write down grocery lists in the kitchen.  15.  White board
Ross got lots of X-Box games and some movies. 16.  Ross
I got Jessica an electric wine opener.  17.  Jess
The LaPrades and the Lowrys.  Awwww…18.  Jess Ross Lorin and Logan 
Mom and Dad.  So cute!21.  Mom and Dad
The LaPrade Ladies…22.  LaPrade Ladies
The LaPrade Men… plus a Lowry.  23.  The Men
My cute mom has been losing weight left and right, and I wanted a picture of her showing it off!  Hot mama!25.  Mom
Me with the fluff-ball.  :) 26.  Lorin and Parker
Toby, enjoying his new “gnaw-hides” as we call them.  Sweet boy will be 14 this April.  27.  Toby     
The Lowry family Christmas Tree, exploding with gifts!1. Lowry Christmas
Boomer and Lolli, playing with Santa.  (Boomer had the nose and moustache off Santa within 20 minutes.)9.  Boomer and Lolli 
Leah got a Dremel Trio.  2.  Leah
The Lowrys.  :)3.  Logan and Lorin
Christmas madness!!3.  Lowry Kids
Mrs. Lynn’s “Pi” Plate.  Loved it.  4.  Pi Plate
I thought this tag on one of my gifts was hilarious.  “To: Lorin, From: All the Lowrys, except your husband”.  5.  Funny Tag 
Fuzzy toe socks! 7.  Toe socks
Mr. Lowry had to go on a scavenger hunt to find his big gift – a new exercise bike!  It had been hiding in the garage and he never knew.  :)
8.  Exercise Bike

We had a wonderful Christmas, and we hope your family did too!

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