Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

22.  Lorin Lucy and Logan This year we celebrated Thanksgiving at the Lowry’s lakehouse, and they were kind enough to invite my parents and grandparents to join us.  We all stuffed ourselves silly with the ridiculous amount of food that was there. 

This is just the dessert table:  apple pie, chocolate pie, four layer dessert, cranberry cream cheese salsa (aka: cranberry crack), strawberry-pretzel-jello, german chocolate cake, and my mini chocolate chip cheesecakes.  1.  Desserts And then there was the enormous feast!  Two types of turkey: smoked and roasted, ham, deviled eggs, squash, corn casserole, roasted broccoli and sweet potatoes, salad…2.  Thanksgiving feast
Oh yeah.  There wasn’t enough room on the main island for the stuffing, mashed potatoes, peas, green beans, and asparagus.  I wasn’t kidding.  We had TONS of food.    3.  More feast Lyndsie and Sean and Logan, resting their full tummies.  4.  Lindsay Papaw always needs a nap after a big meal.  He is a LaPrade, after all, and we LaPrades are champion sleepers.    5.  Papaw sleeping There were a total of 6 dogs there for the weekend.  Yes, including Lucy.  We decided to try to bring Lucy and see if she could play nice with others.  Turns out, she tried to attack the 140 pound german shepherd – rottweiler mix after he tried to drink out of “her” bowl of water.  He’s pretty cute, huh.    6.  Echo Lyndsie’s dog, Moo, is absolutely the sweetest pit-bull to have ever walked the earth.  7.  Moo Lacie’s dog, Lollie, likes to curl up in your lap.  8.  Lolli My two moms, bonding in the kitchen.  9.  Mom and Lynn cleaning The view from the back deck.  10.  Boat Dock The Lowry family!  (Plus Dillie, Logan’s little dog from college.)11.  Lowrys  The Lowry “kids”.  13.  Lowry kids
Our first Thanksgiving together as Newlyweds.  All together now - “Awwwww”.  14.  Logan and Lorin The Lowry girls.  15.  Lowry girls
My family…  16.  LaPrades
…plus sweet Mamaw and Papaw.  17.  LaPrades and Mamaw and Papaw
I thought this was cute.  18.  Lynn and Len  Mr. and Mrs. Lowry.19.  Lynn and Len
Lacie and I looked over and saw Mamaw sitting in Papaw’s lap, and tried to catch a picture before they saw us.  :) 20.  Mamaw on Papaw's lap
One big, happy Lowry family.  21.  Lowry family

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