Monday, June 14, 2010

Oh, so homey!

Since the wedding, I've been working on making the condo more cozy with all of our wedding gifts and gift cards, and thought I'd show the progress!

We LOVE the wine bar my parents got us, along with the wine glasses from Pottery Barn from my grandparents. The McNulty's also gave us the great wine bucket from PB and we've already discovered how much we love it. We'll put the wine in the bucket and bring it over to the ottoman for easy refills while we're watching a movie on the couch. Genius! We used money from gift cards to buy the great mirror and rug for the living room. As you can see, Lucy enjoys the rug. (We keep finding her rolling over and over on it...)My parents also got us the candlesticks from Pottery Barn. Seriously - I love that store. They're perfect right next to the fireplace. My sister in law Jessica got Logan and I this cute sign that says "The Lowrys, Established 2010", and we finally found the perfect place to hang it! We also used gift card money to buy these shelves from Pottery Barn for the bedroom. The room finally looks like grown ups live there. :) When we bought the TV for the bedroom, the plan all along was to wall mount it. I'm happy to finally see it on the wall! The first two months of married life have been great, and I've had a lot of fun decorating our place, making it our home. :)

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