Friday, June 11, 2010

Honeymoon at Calabash Cove in St. Lucia - aka Paradise!

The day after the wedding, Logan and I headed off to St. Lucia for our honeymoon, and he surprised me with first class tickets!! (A first for both of us.) I have to say, they spoil you in first class. After the warm towel, they bring you warm mixed nuts and take your order for your meal. And they always keep your drink topped off. Turns out I could get used to flying first class... ;)A shot of my beautiful wedding rings! (Logan did good!!)The beautiful view. My hubby...When we landed in St. Lucia, our resort had a private car waiting to take us to the hotel. The drive was about an hour and a half long, and since it was already after dark we couldn't really see much of the view. Our driver did stop at a really cool look-out point halfway through the drive where we looked out at the ocean from a cliff, and he handed us each a bottle of the local beer, Piton. (It was really good - but they don't sell it in the states unfortunately.)

By the time we got to the hotel, the driver had called ahead and had our drink of choice waiting for us in the lobby while we got checked in. The first night we stayed in one of the swim up suites since all the private cottages were booked. The rest of the week we were in one of the private cottages. It was actually pretty cool being able to experience two different room styles while we were there.

Here is our bathroom in the swim up suite. I loved that they had decorated with flowers before we got there! Our bed.The desk and "living area". I thought the "heavy" tag the airline put on my bag was funny. Maybe Logan is right... maybe I do overpack... Naaahhhhh!The next morning, we were able to literally step out onto our balcony and into the infinity pool. And this was our view!The swim up bar.The breakfast menu at the resort's restaurant, The Windsong.Our view from breakfast.The Windsong.After breakfast, we had some coffee in the lobby and enjoyed the view in the comfy swings. After breakfast while we were waiting for our cottage to be ready, we walked around the resort a bit. This is the view from behind the swim up bar. From the same area, looking back at the main building. This is the bedroom of our cottage. Each of the 9 private cottages were 1,000 square feet each, with a private plunge pool and wrap around porch. They were amazing!Standing in the living room, looking into the bedroom. The other side of the living room. Our back porch and plunge pool. (The water was perfect.)The outdoor shower! This was so much fun. I loved being able to hear the birds and look out at the ocean while taking a shower. These flowers bloomed every morning at the top of the shower, and they would drop their petals onto the shower floor so when you showered, it was like being in a spa. The view from the shower. Sweet honeymooners!I took lots of naps on that hammock...Looking straight out from the porch. Looking to the right. And to the left. The bathroom. The next morning, I woke up and found Logan had set up breakfast for us on the back porch. So sweet. :) What a good husband!Pains aux chocolat. Basically chocolate inside a croissant. Heaven on earth. In the lobby. With Davidson, the best bartender!Davidson won a "mixology" competition in Jamaica, representing St. Lucia against all of the other Caribbean islands. I told you he was good! The view from C-Bar. Sunset that evening back at our cottage. Dinner at Windsong. Yep. I ordered the cheese platter. It was amazing. The food at the resort was absolutely amazing. Seriously 5 star dining at every meal. This night I had grilled chicken and veggies, and a greek salad. Logan had the talapia. Every day, the resort would send a man out to go spear fishing, and whatever he caught was what they served that evening. I don't even really like fish, but the fish at this place was out of this world. Lovely, Logan. :) This was actually a different night. Logan had the pork tenderloin. And I had the Mahi-Mahi. They also had a different live band playing during dinner every night. So fun!After dinner, we stopped by the bar for a couple of drinks. Stopping for a picture in front of the flowers on the way to the spa. Our honeymoon package came with a couple's massage. It was Logan's first massage - ever. He loved it! They made us cute animals out of the towels. Another gorgeous day in St. Lucia!The pier was right in front of our cottage. The outside of our cottage. I set the timer on my camera to get this picture. It was a lot harder than I thought it would be to get back over to Logan before the flash went off!We took a sunset cruise one day on a Pirate ship! It was actually the same ship they used in the movies Pirates of the Caribbean and Roots. Here, I asked Logan to be a pirate. I guess they stand on one leg with their hand on their hip?Pirate flag!TONS of ropes.I love this picture. So the guys would actually climb out on the rods to open up the sails!There was a steel band, and lots of rum punch!Somebody's ready to party!This rock was called Pigeon Island. If you look closely, you'll notice lots of white on the rock. Yeah, birds hang out there and poop on the rock. For real. Beautiful views!The sails are open!They also served us St. Lucian snacks!We got to watch a really beautiful sunset. Views of the island on the way back in. There's the guy wrapping up the sails. Dinner back at Windsong. All the menus and bills were so cute, with pictures carved into the wood. At the bar they served fried plantain chips, which are completely addictive!Logan's "Miami Vice" drink. :) Our housekeeper surprised us with flowers when we got back to the room!More pictures of our cottage. I spent a lot of time on the outdoor bed on the left reading. It was a great porch. I can't even imagine getting to enjoy beautiful sunsets like this every single day. St. Lucians are so lucky!Our last night there, the chef cooked us a private dinner on the pier. Our view.Looking back at our cottage. The beautiful clear water. Awww. Once the sun set, we could see the pretty lights in the Castries. Steak and potatoes for me!Mahi-Mahi for Logan. And tiramissu for dessert!The next day on the way to the airport, we got to see more views of the island - during the day this time. :) Our driver stopped again at this look-out point, and it was just beautiful. Logan took this picture of St. Lucia's famous Piton Mountains from our plane. And after we'd been in the air for a while, we looked out the window and saw this. We have no idea where this was, but we'd love to find out and go there someday.
We had a blast on our honeymoon, and can't wait to take more fun vacations together as a married couple. Hopefully we can go back to Calabash Cove some day!

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