Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Taking a break from the Nyquil...

As I lay around the house today, sick with a cold, I thought to myself, "what better way to pass the time than to do a google search on celebrity plastic surgery". Sure, there are many other (more productive) things I could be doing, but this seemed like the thing that offered the longest possibility of procrastination. So, please forgive any bluntness you may encounter as I have just awoken from a 36 hour Nyquil induced coma and am full of opinions right now.

This first picture is what lead me to my google search. What the hell is wrong with Nicolas Cage's hair?? It hasn't been right for years, but I think there must be some sort of governmental conspiracy to cover it up because it's hard to find good photographic evidence of such a mishap. Even in his movies lately it looks like he's gotten the worst hair plugs available to man kind. I'd never given much thought about male celebrities having plastic surgery, but apparently it's not as rare as one may think. Who knew Ryan Gosling had a nose job??
And apparently so did Matt Dillon. (Truth be told, I did always wonder why his nose was so small on that big head of his...)
Ahhh, Nicole. Personally I've never thought she was very attractive. Probably because I was remembering the original Nicole Kidman from the 1980's. The pre-Botox Nicole. When you look at her now, she doesn't even remotely look like the same person. Is she attractive now? I guess so... but I think she cheated. And she can't move her face due to all the fillers.
Angelina. I was surprised to find quite a few articles about cosmetic surgery that Angelina has had. I'd always thought she looked pretty much the same as in her younger pictures. Turns out she probably has had a nose job. Looks like a good one to me - if she had one at all.
I'd never seen a "pre" picture of Michelle Pfeiffer. I always just thought she was born that beautiful, but apparently she's had a nose job, cheek implants, lip fillers and eye lifts. She doesn't really look like herself anymore, does she?
It pains me to list Heidi Montag as a "celebrity", but because of her significant plastic surgeries, I must include her. She used to be just an average looking girl. Now it's completely obvious how much surgery she's had - even if you hadn't seen the "before" photo.
Ugh. I hate Megan Fox. I don't know why every guy I know seems to start drooling at the mention of her name. I just don't get it. To me she looks like a trashy porn star, and she can't act. Wait.... maybe that's why they like her.... Anyway, apparently she's also had a nose job.
And Paris Hilton has also had a nose job. (Based on how she looked in 1998, it would appear that she's had a lot more than that done.)
Another person I didn't think had had plastic surgery - Jessica Simpson. But from this picture it really does look like she had a nose job. Maybe its the lighting? Her nose and eyes look pretty different though...
Giselle?? Yep. Nose job.
Scarlett?? Nose job.
Donatella Versace? Ugh. Too much to even comment on.
And they claim Christina Aguilera has had a nose job and her lips done.
Demi Moore denies any plastic surgery, but how can anyone actually look younger than their "before" photos? (They also claim that in addition to Botox, she's had a nose job and breast implants.)
Lastly, Brittany Murphy has a major case of the trout pout. Not cool Britt. A little goes a long way. And now, back to the Nyquil for me. Peace out.

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Leanne said...

This makes me want a nose job. I hate my giant nose! Hope you feel better!