Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Sushi with the Thom-Speeds

Last week we went to Blue Fish with mike and Leanne for sushi. Logan was like a kid in a candy store - he was so excited that someone would actually eat the Ahi Tower and the more "adventurous" sushi with him. (Even though it actually tastes pretty good, the Ahi Tower has logs of tiny fish eggs in it, and I just can't wrap my brain around eating those when they pop in your mouth.)

Logan introduced Mike to his favorite sake. With the first sip Mike said it tasted like cough syrup, but after their third carafe it was safe to say Mike was a fan.
I stole these next two pictures from Leanne. She has an amazing professional type camera that makes the food look good even to people who don't like sushi. While Logan was introducing Mike to sake, I introduced Leanne to steamed edamame. While I view edamame as a vehicle to allow me to eat salt, it turns out it's actually pretty healthy. I am addicted. Logan's favorite part of Blue Fish is the sushi (as is any normal person's), but mine is the edamame. (And the pot stickers.)
We ordered enough sushi that they brought it out to us on a giant boat! Once again, Logan = kid in a candy store. (He'd "never gotten the boat before!")
Back to my camera pictures, here's the whole sushi boat. While Leanne and I were taking pictures of the food, Logan and Mike just kept begging us to let them eat already. :)
After dinner, we went over to Snookie's for drinks and to watch the end of the UT game. We were hoping UT would lose so TCU would have a shot at moving up, but unfortunately UT won. Barely. Anyway, with Leanne being the creative photographer that she is, she had the idea of taking a picture of Mike's mouth with my iPhone, and then having me hold it up in front of my face... or something. It was a cool idea in theory. I still think the picture is funny.
The Thom-Speeds. Or the Good-mases. Take your pick. I seriously just love these two. They are two of my absolute best friends, and they mean the world to me. They supported me through a rough time in my life which ended up bringing us closer, and they are two of my favorite people to hang out with. (Logan's too.) Can't wait for Cabo next year!!


Mike said...

Yeah, that night was fun. The food was great and the multiple bombing runs were fun. And then I woke up on Sunday... Still not quite right yet.

Leanne said...

Well thanks! We feel the same about y'all!