Saturday, December 12, 2009

Sweet Lucy

The heat has been out in the condo, so it's been a bit chilly with all this cold weather lately! I bought a really great space heater for the bedroom, but when I first get home from work and it hasn't been on all day, it's obviously pretty cold. Lucy has NEVER been one to allow you to cover her up. The second a blanket touches her, she's up and moving so she doesn't have to be covered. The other night I realized just how cold the room was (58 degrees) when I covered her up, tucked her in, and she snuggled right into it. This is a documented first. Love that dog.


Leanne said...

OMG! Summer and Blond love being tucked in!!

Mike said...

Yeah if you want to tuck in a dog or two take our little shits and have a party. I slept upstairs last night cause of those bitches.