Saturday, December 12, 2009

Is it just me...

...or did it ever creep anyone else out that the muppet's Swedish Chef was all muppet - except for his human hands? Ugh. It really makes me uncomfortable. I can remember watching the muppets as a kid and loving every minute. That is... until the Swedish Chef started throwing things around with his human hands! Why the human hands?? And while we're on it, why doesn't he have any eyes??
It was nearly impossible to find pictures of his human hands. In 99% of the pictures on the internet, they show him having muppet hands. You know why?? Because it was THAT creepy that his hands were real! But you can't trick me, Jim Henson. I remember.
While we're on the muppets, I absolutely loved Beaker. I loved his little voice, and his underbite. And his normal muppet hands.
And who doesn't love Kermit?? Classic. Before I found this picture of him, I never noticed how odd the black parts of his eyes are. Apparently they were always like that. Oh well. I love him anyway.

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Mike said...

You're an odd one.