Sunday, August 16, 2009

"Dear McKinney High School, how we love you so...."

That's right! That's the beginning of my high school song. I can't believe we had our 10 year high school reunion. I really can't believe I'm that old. I remember thinking 28 year olds were definitely "grown-ups"... and now that I'm there I still feel like a kid.

Anyway, we had a lot of fun at the reunion. Logan and I met some of the old gang at Ryan and Rachel's house beforehand to catch up and look at old pictures from high school. The above picture is of: me, Rachel (Davis) Pittman, Shevin White, Shara Johnson, Marcy (Maxwell) Gloeckler, Lori (Drake) Eason and Jacqueline (Lenart) Flesher.

Next is Logan with Philip Flesher, Ryan Pittman and Anthony Bouhousin right before we left for the reunion.
In typical Logan fashion, he just HAD to do something right before the picture was snapped. (This one I actually liked. Makes me laugh. And yes, I do believe he's licking my face.)
And here's the good one. He's so handsome!
Rachel and me.
Marcy and Geoff.
Lori... and the picture she may or may not have stolen... (Shhhh...)
Ryan and Rachel.
Jacqueline and Philip.
Shara and me!Jacqueline and me!The reunion itself was fun. The best part was all the people watching; seeing how the jocks that used to be "THE hottest guys ever" have become the bald and beer bellied men you avoid at the bar, and the band nerds grew into themselves and became handsome and successful men (and women).
It was held at Rick's Steak and Chop House in downtown McKinney, so I was really excited about getting to have steak for dinner. I mean, for $75 per ticket, you naturally wouldn't expect anything less, right? Wrong. They served cheese and crackers. Eventually they brought out some "do it yourself" tacos, but they definitely weren't $75 worth. In order to make up for the lack of steak, I totally ate my weight in cheese. And probably a little of Logan's weight too. I have to admit, downtown McKinney is a bustling little place! It's always been cute, but now they've brought in several cute restaurants that have outdoor patio seating, and wine bars. It has a totally different feel to it than when I lived there. Dare I say I'd like to go back and visit??

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