Thursday, July 31, 2008

Condo Pictures

It's painted!! Logan and I went to the condo tonight to see the finished product in all its glory, and I have to say... it's perfect. It looks exactly how I imagined it. Logan's friend Brady (who did the painting) even said he and his girlfriend may end up copying our colors at their house, which I take as quite the compliment considering I've never picked out real paint colors before. All of the walls were white before, so it was pretty cool seeing what a difference some color can make. The main color we used was called "relaxed khaki", and its just a neutral tan. My favorite room is the master bedroom because we did an accent wall. The wall that the headboard of the bed will go on is a darker brown, and it looks really, really good. The bathrooms are a light grey/blue color, but it didn't show up well in the pictures. It looks better in person. Not as bright. Same thing with the kitchen color, which is actually a light green color. As promised, I took lots and lots of pictures tonight, so enjoy!

Looking in from the front door:

The living room from the other side:


I'm including a picture of the stove because its the only one you can see the wall color in. Barely:

Guest Room:

Guest Bathroom:

And because its my favorite, you get two of the master bedroom:

And, the master bathroom:


Mike said...

Scoreboard: Lorin 1, Rest of Us 0.

Leanne said...

Looks good! When's the first party?

Lisa said...

I LOVE IT!!!! Where is the condo?? Uptown?? Again...I LOVE it!!

Stephanie said...