Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Lowry Christmas Tree, 2012

This year I debated on whether or not to put up a Christmas tree since Knox is so very curious these days.  I didn't want him "re-decorating" it all the time, or breaking the ornaments, and I really didn't want him knocking it over on top of himself.  But... it's Christmas, and we have to have a Christmas tree.  So I bought shatter-proof (aka cheap plastic) ornaments and decided to hope for the best!  :)

Ta-Da!  All done!  I picked up the tree last night and decorated it this morning while Knox was taking his first nap.  (I purposely didn't put as many ornaments on the bottom of the tree so there would be fewer "temptations" for Knox!) 

Knox's 2012 ornament.  My mom started the tradition last year of getting our family's yearly ornament and Knox's yearly ornament for us. 

Our family ornament this year.  Cute!
While I was shopping for shatter-proof ornaments, I came across this black Schnauzer one that reminded me so, so much of Lucy.  I actually have a picture of her wearing a Santa hat, and "smiling".  I definitely started crying right in the middle of the Hobby Lobby aisle when I saw this.  (I saw another ornament that looked like Toby, so I got it for my parents.  Apparently my mom had the same reaction I did, and my dad liked it so much he snuck it away from her and took it upstairs to his office to stay with him.)   

Knox was so excited to see the tree when he woke up from his nap!  And you can see his "re-decorating" has already begun...  ;) 

I saw something funny on one of the branches, and realized Knox had decorated it with a pacifier - which I don't even know where he got, since he never really took one. 
Playing with his new "toys". 

Yup.  Within 5 minutes of him laying eyes on those ornaments, I already found one he'd "put away".  I'm gonna have to keep my eyes on this one!  ;) 

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