Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas 2012!!

This year we celebrated Christmas three times!  First was with Logan's family, then with the LaPrade side, and then we wrapped up the holiday season with just our little family of three. 
One big happy Lowry family.  :)

Knox with Aunt Leah

Best shot we got of our family.  :)

LOVE this picture of Knox with Aunt Lacie!
The Lowry Family Christmas Tree.  There was no way I could fit all the presents in the picture too.  ;)

Leah always makes the cutest bows out of tissue paper. 

Cute candid.

Knox opening presents with Aunt Lacie.

A new "uck"!! 

Loving his new flashlight from Pops and LaLa.

Ross and Jessica at our house for the LaPrade family Christmas.

Mamaw and Papaw.  Love them. 

I guess it's true.  The box is more fun than the toy!

Love this shot of Knox inside his new tunnel from Nonnie and Ron Ron.


Making his first basket!

Clapping.  :)

With Aunt Jess.

My parents.  (My dad hates having his picture taken.  Can't you tell??)  ;)

Nonnie and Knox reading.

Christmas morning!

Santa came!  He brought Knox a big activity cute (which he loves), a firetruck, and a giant ruler growth chart!  (Plus fun stocking stuffers.)

Logan making eggs.

We got a waffle maker as one of our wedding gifts, and I've always said I wanted to make home made waffles every Christmas morning as a family tradition.  We finally did it this year, and they turned out pretty good!  (It was really messy, but worth it!)

Checking out his stocking stuffers.  :)

Really studying his activity cube. 

"Talking" on the phone.  (He carries it behind his head while he walks around and has big conversations.)

Snuggling with Mommy.  :)

Sneaking in a smooch!

We got snow on Christmas Day!!  Knox clearly didn't know what to think about this.  (That face cracks me up.)

Snowy hair.  :)

Our backyard

Playing with the frozen acorns. 

Our first big family snow! 

We had a wonderful Christmas this year, and from our family to yours, Happy Holidays! 

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