Monday, December 31, 2012

New Camera Lens

So I've really been loving my new camera!  For those who care about the specifics, it came with an 18-55mm zoom lens which is okay, but the aperture isn't very wide on it (3.5 at the widest), and I really like using all the natural light I can and shooting with it wide open.  When I bought the camera I also bought a 50mm prime lens with an aperture of 1.8.  I love that lens!  It takes super sharp pictures and lets in tons of light.  The only problem was I could never step back far enough away from my "subject" (Knox) to get everything I wanted in the shot.  He was always following me.  :)  So, I did some more research and just got a 35mm 1.8 lens, and I think this one will rarely come off my camera.  It lets in lots of light like the 50mm, but I can be closer to Knox and still get the shot I want.  All that to say, I'm really loving this lens!  Obviously, I take lots of "practice shots" for fun... these were when he had just woken up from his first nap. 

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