Sunday, April 22, 2012


Knox LOVES this little tool workbench toy.  (And Logan and I find ourselves walking around the house, singing it’s songs without realizing it.)
2.  Chewing fingers Peek-A-Boo is also a fun game!
3.  Where's Knox There he is!
4.  There he is!
Playing with his toes, and his musical turtle.  Multi-tasking starts at an early age!  ;)
5.  Playing with musical turtle
A friend of mine went to Europe for 17 days, and I volunteered to keep her sweet Great Dane, Nixon, while she was gone.  Nixon was SUCH a love, and was really great with Knox.  So gentle and protective of him.  Every night, he would poke his head over Knox’s bassinet to check on him before he’d finally settle down and sleep for the night. 
1.  Knox and Nixon More fun in the exersaucer!
2.  Hi!

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