Friday, April 20, 2012

Happy 5 Months, Knox!!

On April 11th, our little man turned 5 months old!  It is so much fun watching his personality come out.  He loves smiling and laughing.  I can always get a smile out of him by singing “Walk Like A Man” by Frankie Valli and the 4 Seasons.  No clue why he loves that song so much, but a lot of times that’s how I get him to smile in pictures.  :)

He definitely has his preferences and opinions about how he wants to do things, and he’s quite vocal in letting you know if you’re not doing it right.  :)  He used to only want to be carried facing backwards so he could look over your shoulder.  NEVER cradled like a baby.  Well, now he wants to sit on your hip and face out so he can see what’s going on.  Same with being rocked.  He used to like being up on my shoulder, but now wants to sit in my lap like a big boy.  

My most favorite new trick of his began April 5, 2012 when he started giving “kisses”.  Right now it’s more him smooshing his slobbery mouth all over your face, but he really is giving kisses, and it’s really, really sweet.  He’ll do it when you ask for them, but my favorite thing is when he does it just because.  :)  He looks so proud of himself afterwards.  Such a sweetie. 
2.  5 months in chairOn April 10, 2012 he started being able to sit up for short (and I mean very short) periods of time.  If I don’t watch it, he either slumps over to the side or face plants, but he’s getting better at supporting his trunk for a bit.  
4.  5 months smiling
5.  5 months smiling Tried to get the monthly shot of his baby feet, but his baby hands are always so busy, they found their way into my picture too.  :) 
6.  Baby hands and feetHe’s still chewing on anything and everything he can get his hands on.  I keep thinking that any day now I’m going to see his first tooth poking through, but it hasn’t made it’s appearance just yet.  He loves gnawing on his frozen teethers or even just a frozen wash rag. 
10.  5 monthsHe’s also so curious about what everything is.  Once he realized he had a sticker on his shirt, I couldn’t get him to leave it alone.  Not even my tried and true Frankie Valli song could distract him…
15.  Playing with sticker
Trying out some tummy time – which still never lasts long since he likes to automatically practice rolling over. 
13.  Tummy time Love those chunky legs!  He really loves being in his exersaucer, and has gotten the hang of how to spin himself around to play at the different stations.  It’s funny – we had the exersaucer on the lowest setting, and still had to put something under him so his feet could touch.  But now, he’s already grown enough that we’ve actually had to raise the height setting. 
1.  Chunky baby legs Such a happy boy!
2.  Happy boy! 3.  Silly face On March 14, 2012, he discovered his toes, and now really enjoys playing with them. It’s funny to see how fascinated he is with them.
4.  Playing with my toes
He doesn’t quite sleep through the night just yet, but we’re making progress!  For the most part he’s dropped his 11 pm feeding, so he goes to bed around 7 pm and doesn’t wake up to eat until around 4 am.  After he nurses, he easily goes back to sleep until around 6:30.  He’s now on a pretty regular 9 am, 1 pm, 4 pm nap schedule, but the length of the naps are still pretty short.  (40 minutes tops.)  He’ll usually get one good hour and a half nap with that first one – but only if I’m laying down with him.  He’s started waking up after that 40 minute mark, but if I pretend to be asleep he’ll usually go back to sleep after 10 minutes or so.  I’ve tried everything I can to lengthen his other naps, but I think I’ve finally come to the realization that he was just born to be a short napper. 

Knox is such a little love bug.  Logan and I literally tell ourselves every night how amazing he is, and how lucky we are.  I just can’t get enough of my little man!

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