Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Easter!

We had a great Easter weekend!  Saturday we spent the day at Logan’s parent’s house, so everyone there got to have some good snuggle time with Knox, who was in a great mood!  Then Sunday Logan, Knox and I went to church together.  We took Knox into the service with us instead of leaving him in the nursery (I’m not quite ready for that yet…) and he did pretty well.  Logan had to take him out into the hall for about the last 10 minutes because Knox was getting fidgety, but other than that he was perfect.  After church, Logan had to go in to work to do some tax returns, and Knox and I went to Shelby and Peggy Creel’s house for lunch with my family.  

The Easter Bunny came to visit Knox!  He brought some books, 2 swimsuits, and some toys!2.  Easter Basket Swinging with Sophie.
3.  Swinging Posing with his Easter Basket.
5.  Knox and Easter basket 7.  Knox smiling with easter basket Cool toys!
9.  Playing with easter ball 10.  Knox with easter toy 14.  Knox and basket Fascinated by the carpet.  :)
16.  Carpet is fun With Mommy.  :)
19.  Knox and Mommy
Happy Easter!!  :) 17.  Knox and Mommy

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