Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Just hanging out…

Wanted to share some more cute pics of my little butterball.  :)

I just love that little round face!
2.  Little smile in bumbo
Better and better every day at sitting up in the Bumbo.
4.  Bumbo time I put him up on my legs while I was laying down, and at first he was a little unsure…
5.  On mom's knees But he ended up liking it!
6.  Smiling on mom's knees Then I got some of the cutest smiles out of him!  I just love that happy face!  How can it not make your day??
7.  Big smile 9.  Smiling boy 10.  Handsome Knox Dancing on the counter with Daddy while I cooked dinner.2.  Standing on counter 1.  Daddy and Knox Some more milestones:  On February 19, 2012, he started raising his feet up in the air while he lays down to check them out.  Next thing you know he’ll be trying to chew on his toes!  On February 20, 2012 he started trying to reach for toys while he sits up instead of just when he’s laying down.  Once he gets a hold of a toy, he tries to put it in his mouth, of course, but he can actually hold on to them for a little bit!  And on February 21, 2012 he started reaching out to push the buttons on his musical toys. 

I know I always say this, but it’s so much fun watching him learn new things.  I’m sure all of these little milestones I’m keeping track of aren’t nearly as interesting to others, but for me they’re just little ways I see him developing and learning something new.  Even the small things make me so proud!  :)

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