Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Catching Up…

I suppose the new norm is for me to do long overdue updates in clusters!  Things are still pretty busy around here, even though we’re finally getting a routine down.  Knox is doing great, and is growing like a weed!  Still no sign of him sleeping through the night in sight… but a girl can hope, right?  :)

Okay.  Let’s get started on the picture updates.  Here’s Knox chilling on the couch with Daddy.  He was 10 weeks old here.
1.  Hanging out with Daddy on the couch
Later that week, my mom and I took Knox to meet the ladies that work in the office at First Baptist.  Everyone wanted to hold the little guy, and I think he enjoyed all the attention while I enjoyed everyone telling me how cute he is!
2.  Visiting FBC ladies Flirting with Mrs. Judy.
2.  Playing with Judy That was actually one of the last days he was still able to fit into his 3 month clothes.  I couldn’t believe that my 11 week old baby was needing to wear 6 month size clothes already!!

A fun milestone:  on January 22, 2012, when he saw me after waking up that morning, he giggled.  Sweetest sound!

He really, really loves playing under his activity gym!  These days, he’ll play under there and just coo and talk to the little toys hanging above him.  He kicks up the conversation when the music plays.  It’s so much fun to watch him having fun.   He’s eleven weeks old here.
1.  Playing in play gym
Another big milestone: on January 23, 2012, he realized that he can use his hands for more than just sucking on those fingers.  He started reaching out and batting at the toys hanging over him.  He also started reaching his fingers to my face and mouth, I guess to see what that’s all about.  :)
3.  Playing with toy friends
He’s still not a huge fan of tummy time, but he’s getting better at tolerating it.
7.  Scrunched nose
Aunt Lyndsie was in town, so we went to lunch and she got some good cuddle time.  2.  Lunch with Aunt Lyndsie
I’d bought Knox this new outfit, and the baby wearing it in the picture looked so cute in the cardigan.  I’m not quite sure I’m a fan of it on Knox… Probably our first and last cardigan purchase.  :)
1.  First cardigan5.  Mommy and Knox
I am SO in love with this little guy!
4.  Mommy and KnoxBath time!
1.  Bath time
Getting much better at sitting up in the Bumbo!
1.  Better at sitting in the bumbo
Logan’s mini-me.  He claims he doesn’t see the resemblance…
3.  Daddy's mini me
Also getting better at tummy time!  Look at him hold that head up!
4.  Good tummy time All that sitting up in the Bumbo and doing tummy time wears a guy out!  Guess he needed something a little stronger than breast milk after a long day…
5.  Long day
In the  next few pictures, Knox is twelve weeks old.  Here, I’d just finished feeding him and was burping him on my shoulder when I heard a massive wet burp.  Before I could get him off my shoulder, he’d apparently already rubbed his face around the burp cloth and spit up was everywhere.  The pictures don’t even do it justice.  It was all the way up in his eyebrows! 
1.  So much spit up
“Do I have something on my face?”
2.  Spit up everywhere
I brought the bassinet into the bathroom with me while I got ready one day.  I think the sound of the water running in the shower helped him sleep!  So peaceful…
1.  Sleeping boy Sweet baby hands…
2.  Baby hand Another huge milestone!  On February 6, 2012, Knox rolled over from front to back!  After he did it, he seemed sort of surprised.  :)  He’s only done it a couple more times since then, but he’s really trying when he’s on his tummy now. 
7.  Tummy time5.  Growing boy
Last picture for the night.  All snuggled up after bath time, 12 weeks old.  1.  All clean

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