Saturday, January 21, 2012

What we’ve been up to…

Well, now that Knox is past the 8 week mark, we’ve been allowed to leave the house, and get out and about!  Of course, I don’t leave the house without my travel sized Purel, but that won’t surprise anyone that knows me.  :)  We’re getting the hang of taking Knox out with us, and we’re actually pretty fast at getting the stroller set up.  (Mostly because it’s an amazingly user friendly stroller, but still!)  We’ve gone out to eat several times, and Knox does pretty well.  We try to time it just right so that his tummy is full and he’ll sleep through dinner, but he usually ends up waking up once our food arrives.  Now that he’s much more aware of his surroundings, he’s not as content to just chill out in his car seat while we eat.  He wants to see what’s going on! 

Ron Ron came to visit the other day and got in some quality time with him.
1.  Hanging with Ron Ron
My new favorite picture – I finally caught a smile on camera!  So Logan and I both had colds recently and I was so worried Knox would get it, especially when he woke up with a bit of a crusty nose one morning.  But apparently the antibodies to my cold get passed to Knox through my breast milk, so he never really got sick.  Pretty amazing!  Anyway, since Logan and I were sick, and Knox’s nose was crusty, I broke out my stethoscope to make sure his lungs still sounded clear, and I got the biggest grin out of him!  So sweet!
1.  Big smile! The next day I tried to get a good shot of him wearing his new Valentine’s outfit from Kim.  He wasn’t in the mood for a photo shoot though, so I eventually had to give up.  I know it’s a little early for Valentine’s clothes, but I really think he won’t be able to fit into this outfit by then!
2.  Not enjoying picture time
The next day, we had lunch with Ron Ron at El Chico and then went back to his house. 
1.  Playing with Ron Ron My dad was getting some really great smiles, and even a few giggles, which was a first!
2.  Laughing at Ron Ron I was able to catch a couple of them in a video with my phone.  Not sure why it’s such a skinny picture, but it’s sweet all the same. 

An attempt at a self portrait of the two of us.
3.  Self Portrait with mommy
The following day, Knox and I met my friend Aren and her baby Simon for lunch at Northpark.  Simon was actually due 11-11-11, the day Knox was born, but he decided to come a couple of weeks early.  I can’t believe I didn’t take any pictures of Knox and his new buddy Simon together! 

After some mall walking, we stopped by my mom’s office and Dr. Warren and his wife Stacy got to play with Knox for a little bit.  Then he decided it was nap time, and he got comfy on my mom’s lap.  (I don’t know how she does it, but he loves laying like this on her!)
1.  Visiting Nonnie at work My mom tried to take a picture of us as we were leaving, but this guy was having none of it!
2.  Mad baby!
He finally calmed down a little, but not enough for smiles!
3.  Calmed down
We had some more fun firsts this week!  January 18th 2012 was a big day – Knox smiled at himself in the mirror for the first time, pushed himself up onto his forearms during tummy time, and had some little laughs at Ron Ron.  On January 19th 2012, he had a little “conversation” with Stacy Warren.  He’s been making little coo-ing noises for a few weeks now, but this was the first time he would coo back and forth with someone.  So cute!  That was also the day he fell in love with his fingers.  :)  He’s started sucking on them for comfort, which is fine with me!  It means he’s beginning to learn how to self soothe!  I’ve noticed yesterday and today that when I go to pick him up after naps and in the morning, he’s broken his arms out of his swaddle so that he can get to those fingers.  Also, instead of immediately crying when he wakes up in the middle of the night for feedings, he now starts sucking on his fingers for several minutes first.  That’s what actually wakes me up now.  :) 

Next week we have several lunch dates lined up, and I’m looking forward to introducing him to a few more of my friends.  I’ll be sure to get pictures this time!  

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